If you check out our previous #JetFriday videos, you will see that Duotech has shared many great cockpit based videos recorded during flight demonstrations in the F-16, F-18, F-5, A-10, and others. This video we are sharing today is the most unique view we’ve seen yet.

This one incorporates both the view to the rear looking at the pilot as well as out in front of the aircraft in the direction it is flying. The uniqueness stems from the fact that it is not only shot from the same camera but that the camera remains in a fixed view. During the flight, the camera rotates from the rear view to a forward view smooth and seamlessly.

According to the description, this video was created by pilot John Waters, using his Garmin VIRB360 camera during the F-16 Viper Demo Team performance at 2018 Airventure.

It’s like you can actually feel the G-forces when the pilot banks hard and rolls the aircraft over while the camera remains fixed to the horizon. That’s enough of our thoughts. Now it’s time for you to pull some hard Gs in a F-16 Fighting Falcon, today’s #JetFriday video. If you enjoy it, we ask that you share this article with your friends and colleagues.

F-16 Fighter Jet – Crazy Unique Cockpit Video – Airventure 2018

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