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Radar Warning Receiver Test
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Portable RF Source pt. 3598200A

The portable RF source provides a programmable frequency, pulsed test asset for outdoor use. Output frequencies are in X-band. Pulse period and repetition rates are selectable by the user. Default profiles may also be established. This test equipment features a sunlight-readable display and uses standard primary cell batteries.
Output Frequency:X-band
7 1/2″ Length
7 1/4″ Wide
2 3/4″ Tall
Weight:4 lbs
Part Number:
4 D Cell Batteries
radar warning receiver test
radar warning receiver test

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What Is A Radar Warning Receiver, or RWR?

With the Radar Warning Receiver, there are multiple antennas situated around the external sections of the aircraft. These multiple wideband antennas listen for the radio emissions of radars and use a cockpit display to indicate to the pilot a direction and distance to the signal.
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