APX-113 Combined Interrogator/Transponder

apx-113 combined interrogator transponder

What Is The APX-113?

The APX-113 Combined Interrogator/Transponder is one of the most popular Combined Interrogator Transponder (CIT) systems installed on F-16 Fighting Falcons. The APX-113 can also be found on Japan’s F-2 fighter, ASW/Surveillance helicopters, MiG-29 Fulcrum, and other international platforms.

Duotech can extend the life of your AN/APX-113 CIT as well as the other LRUs comprised in the system package, as we have test and repair capabilities for the entire system.

Part Numbers Supported

Repairing the APX-113 instead of replacing or upgrading the system.

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Part Numbers Supported

  • 1003001G-21
  • 1003001G-31
  • 1003001G-55
  • 1020462G-20
  • 1020462G-21

The interrogator allows the F-16 pilot to identify other aircraft, vehicles and ground forces as friendly and can also determine target vector and range. When swept by an interrogation beam, the transponder responds, providing more clarity as to the identity and intentions of the F-16. The AN/APX-113 CIT is a solid state system comprised of an interrogator, transponder, and two cryptographic computers package in a single low-volume, lightweight housing.

The APX of AN/APX-113 stands for A=Manned Aircraft, P=Radar, and X=Identification or Recognition.

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