artes automated reconfigurable test and emulation system

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Maximize return on your test investment.

artes automated reconfigurable test and emulation system

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Advanced Reconfigurable Test and Emulation System

Save Money

Replaces multiple large test racks with one compact ATE system

Save Time

Rapidly move between testing different assembly applications


Save Space

Simply change cables when you need to change tests

  • Automated testing for a wide variety of assembly and subassembly applications
  • Reconfigurable I/O for Digital, Analog, Switch Matrix, and RF
  • Over 1,000 reconfigurable signal lines
  • Have a new system to test? Simply change cables!
  • Extremely rapid new test development and integration
  • Integration with COTS test equipment
  • 4U footprint for rack and bench use

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Demonstration Videos of the ARTES in Action

Test On APG-66 Transmitter

Test On APG-66 LPRF

Switch Cables and ITA

Test On APG-66 SDP

PXI Receiver Overview

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Articles

replace Unsupported, Legacy Automated Test Equipment

Left Behind by Unsupported, Legacy Automated Test Equipment?

3 ATE Problems of the I-Level Maintenance Shop – and How the ARTES Solves Them

Maintaining multiple large test stands is expensive
As I-level repair facilities are tasked with supporting more equipment, expanding their requirements, then with each additional electronic assembly a new test stand is required to diagnose the faulty equipment.
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13 Considerations When Choosing Automated Test Equipment

13 Considerations When Choosing Automated Test Equipment

1) Cost effective – How much will it cost to acquire test bench and each test program/cable set? As mentioned previously, test benches are often designed to measure only one or two devices. Try to identify a system that provides multiple test capabilities in order to reduce the number of ATEs purchased.
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