We have shared video footage of F-18 Hornets piloted by the Navy’s Blue Angels as they put on air shows in previous Jet Friday posts. We have also shown you low flying jets on training maneuvers just above the landscape, zipping through canyons and into snowy mountain passes. Today, we combine those by showing you F-18s showing off for a crowd at an airshow. In the exciting footage, you’ll see pilots scream past skyscrapers and fly just above spectators on the beach and in boats on Lake Michigan.

This video is shot from both the view of the spectators and from inside the cockpit, edited to tie both perspectives together. The aircraft belongs to the U.S. Navy TACDEMO team and features an F-18 Super Hornet at the Chicago Air Show 2016.

Besides exhilarating shots of flying through the middle of Chicago, this video also includes great views of the Sears Tower, renamed the Willis Tower in 2009, and the Navy Pier and Ferris Wheel.

Enjoy this week’s Jet Friday video featuring the F-18 TACDEMO at the 2018 Chicago Air Show. If you like jet-powered aircraft then check out all our many #JetFriday posts and share them with your friends.

U.S. Navy FA-18 Tactical Demonstration Team – 2016 Chicago Air Show

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