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Supporting the Past. Engineering the Future.

With over 37 years of industry experience, we have been in a position to note the current trends. Even with tight funding, systems must be maintained. This requirement has caused a reduction in new manufacture requirements, but a growth in depot and component repair needs. Often, the only way to maintain these systems is to reverse engineer obsolete technology and develop remanufactured or re-engineered “Form/Fit/Function” replacement units.

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Supporting the Past. Engineering the Future.

Duotech Advantages:

  • Shorter turn-around time
  • Lower cost
  • Responsive to small quantity repair requirements
  • Specialists in the repair of older equipment
  • Repair cost well within repair % guidelines
  • No conflict with new manufacturing requirements
  • Ability to reverse engineer obsolete technology & non-available parts or develop technical data
  • Less likely to “scrap” repairable equipment

Staff Experience:

  • Optical electronics
  • Microprocessors & microcomputer chip technology & circuits
  • Data & voice communications
  • Circuit board technology
  • HF, VHF, UHF, and microwave electronics
  • Automatic control and feed-back loop/systems
  • ATE and CAD systems
  • Circuit card re-engineering to current technology
  • FPGA systems from various vendors (Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog)
  • Instrumentation control
  • Aircraft generators and controls
  • Data conversion systems

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