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What is a Radar Warning Receiver, or RWR?

A fighter pilot is flying their jet on a routine patrol over a canopy of a tropical forest. There has not been a report of enemy aircraft operating in his area of operations in over a month. Suddenly, an alert pops up with a blip on a screen alerting him to a mobile...

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Jet Friday: An F-5 Low-Level Flight, Skimming Lake Tahoe

The F-5 Tiger II is a light fighter that was developed to be a high-performance day superiority aircraft. When loaded, the F-5 weighs only 15,745 lb compared to the F-16 at 26,500 lb. Combine that with its two turbojets propelling it to a maximum speed of 1,060 mph, a...

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Electronic Warfare for A Successful Mission

Control the Skies Using Electronic Warfare A mission package of two EF-18 Growlers and an EA-6B Prowler are preparing to launch from the USS Ronald Reagan. Their intended target is a mobile radar site used to detect aircraft and direct a surface-to-air missile (SAM)...

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