Tailor-made Mechanically Scanned Array (MESA) RADAR

aircraft radar system
Antenna Design and Manufacturing

Duotech Services and TACAIR

Fighter squadrons face shortfalls in Adversary Air Support (AdAir) for combat training due to budgetary shortages and a lack of truly advanced threat replication. Tactical Air Support and Duotech Services are poised to provide training assets that represent current threat capabilities with the F-5 and NEMESIS RADAR at a very low-cost point. TacAir’s F-5 platform, with Nemesis RADAR installed, is the best AdAir solution in the market today, with an unrivaled combination of performance, sustainability, safety, and growth potential. In a joint development program, TacAir and Duotech Services have designed a purpose-built RADAR to support the AdAir market by presenting a solution that is:

  • Highly capable utilizing modern RADAR techniques
  • Ability to quickly add additional RADAR capabilities to meet AdAir training requirements
  • Threat replication via unclassified and classified means
  • Fast, highly upgraded aircraft fly realistic adversary intercept profiles, offering mission-critical situational awareness and assessment capabilities
  • The most sustainable and maintainable AdAir platform for greatest uptime of both aircraft and RADAR
Antenna Design and Manufacturing
f-5 radar upgrade

Real World Threat Replication

FAAC Incorporated is the leader in simulation for training and research. Duotech’s NEMESIS RADAR is integrated with FAAC’s real-world threat replication software. FAAC Zone Acquisition Process (ZAP) software provides high-speed missile simulations capable of running much faster than real-time with limited resources.

ZAP relies on faster-than-real-time 5-DOF embedded weapon simulations to determine trajectory parameters. The ZAP trajectory simulations match the available intelligence 6-DOF simulations. This results in highly accurate display information over the entire flight envelope.

ZAP provides reliable shoot cue information and allows a meaningful allowable steering error to be displayed. After launch, ZAP computes the current time to impact using actual tracked target maneuvers and continually assesses the shot quality and provides an indication of predicted endgame success.

Duotech’s Ultra Wide Band waveform design and generation provide leading threat replication capability. Direct synthesis and receiving allow for training options previously unavailable.

aircraft radar system f-5 radar upgrade

nemesis mesa radarTailor Made Mechanically Scanned Antenna (MESA) RADAR

  • NEMESIS is a tailor-made Mechanically Scanned Array (MESA) RADAR meant for aircraft which cannot house a full DELTA RADAR
  • NEMESIS will conform to current aircraft avionics bays, standard rack structures and utilize existing power and cooling
  • NEMESIS can employ an array aperture optimized for the current aircraft radome, thus no costly structural modifications required
  • Utilizes a proven X Band Solid State Power Amplifier technology fora higher mean time between failure, higher clutter improvement factor and lower out of band emissions compared to tube-based amplifiers
  • Duotech’s Receiver / Processor LRU, also utilized in the DELTA RADAR, utilizes modern processing technology to optimize RADAR performance
  • NEMESIS upgrades and retrofits eliminate any obsolescence or supportability issues
  • Fully supportable with Duotech’s ARTES ATE

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aircraft radar system f-5 radar upgrade nemesis antenna

Mechanically Scanned Antenna

  • Custom solutions available to meet varying platform space requirements
  • Scalable array architecture in X Band
  • Wide bandwidth and high power handling
  • Beam steering
  • Rapid prototyping and final solution builds
  • Eliminates obsolescence of previous MESA RADARs

aircraft radar system f-5 radar upgrade nemesis sspa
aircraft radar system f-5 radar upgrade nemesis receiver driver

Solid State Power Amplifier

  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) solid-state transmitter: available at multiple power levels to meet desired results and price point
  • Hardware and software developed by Duotech Solid State Transmitter provide graceful degradation. No single point failure so radar can continue to operate.
  • High reliability (MTBCF up to 10X). Mean Time Between Critical Failure increases by magnitudes over the tube-based transmitter.
  • Lower sustainment cost due to less frequent failures and modular design. Up to 90% Reduction in Operation & Sustainment costs
  • High reliability, high-efficiency transmitter leads to greater operational readiness. Lower phase noise and higher CIF
  • Lower Out of Band Emission to reduce interference from adjacent radar and other transmitters.

aircraft radar system f-5 radar upgrade nemesis receiver processor

Receiver / Processor

  • Adaptive processing and channel analysis
  • Open architecture hardware design (e.g. VPX VITA64, AXIe, 802.3, and other standards)
  • Standards-based tools and languages (VHDL, C#, Java, Matlab Coder)
  • Modern processing techniques for legacy platforms
  • Integrated master display and user interface when central computer unavailable
  • User installable application
  • Feature extensions

argus radar warning receiver rwr

Radar Warning Receiver

  • Able to integrate with Mission Computer systems or operate stand-alone
  • 10% of the cost compared to currently available systems with the same signal sensitivity
  • Expandable technology to cover 2GHz to 18GHz
  • ARGUS Radar Warning Receiver

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artes automated test equipment ate

For more complex testing and integration requirements, Duotech offers complete hardware and software solutions to test and integrate customer requirements.

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