C-130 Platform Support

Long term sustainment capabilities for your C-130 Hercules

C-130 Repair Capabilities

c-130 repair capabilitiesExtending the life of your C-130 is vital to your mission. At Duotech, life extension is our mission. Our C-130 customers, including the US Air Force, US Navy, US Coast Guard, and nations around the globe take advantage of our component repair capabilities on a daily basis to provide critical support for their electro-mechanical, navigation, communication, and radar systems that OEMs no longer support. We accomplish this at a lower cost and with shorter turn around times than the OEM or any other third party repair source.

Duotech maintains an AS9100D registration and is a qualified repair station for hundreds of items.

Learn more below about Duotech’s long-term sustainment capabilities for your C-130 Hercules.

  • AAR-47
  • AAQ-22
  • AAQ-24
  • ALE-40
  • ALE-47
  • ALE-46
  • ALR-56
  • ALR-69
  • APN-128
  • APN-133
  • APN-141
  • APN-147
  • APN-150
  • APN-153
  • APN-157
  • APN-161
  • APN-169
  • APN-171
  • APN-175
  • APN-178
  • APN-218
  • APN-222
  • APN-232
  • APN-241
  • APN-243
  • APQ-115
  • APQ-116
  • APQ-122
  • APQ-133
  • APQ-135
  • APS-119
  • APS-133
  • APS-134
  • APS-137
  • ARC-164
  • ARC-171
  • ARC-190
  • ARC-205
  • ARC-210
  • ARC-222
  • ARN-67
  • ARN-84
  • ARN-99
  • ARN-131
  • ARN-149
  • ARN-153
  • AVQ-17
  • AVQ-19
  • AVQ-21
  • AYW-1

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