Pictured above: Brett Rogers and Daniel Rogers, Vice Presidents of Duotech Services with US Congressman Chuck Edwards

FRANKLIN, NC – June 29, 2023 – Duotech Services (DSI), a recognized leader in specialized sustainment and engineering services for aerospace and defense users worldwide, was honored to welcome Congressman Chuck Edwards, U.S. Representative for the 11th District of North Carolina, at its 35,000 square foot facility in Franklin, North Carolina today.

congressman edwards visits duotech servicesBrett Rogers, Vice President of Duotech Services, served as Congressman Edwards’s guide, providing him with a first-hand experience of the diverse operations within the facility, from its state-of-the-art engineering and repair areas to its expansive machine shop workspaces.

Established over four decades ago in Florida, Duotech Services relocated to Franklin, North Carolina in 1987, fostering growth and development in the community. Rogers provided Congressman Edwards with a brief history of the company during the tour, highlighting its evolution, current impact on the defense industry worldwide, and its ongoing expansion initiatives. Many of these areas include missile defense and early warning systems, which have taken on even greater importance recently with increased conflicts and tensions in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

The tour included an overview of Duotech’s key ongoing projects, which Rogers said were instrumental in the company’s rapid expansion in recent years. He emphasized Duotech’s commitment to growth, leveraging its specialized engineering capabilities to meet rapidly growing international demand.

“Duotech supports almost 40 nations around the globe with its repair, engineering, and production services. These services are critical for national defense not only for the US but also for our allies, who are closer to conflict than we are at home.” – Brett Rogers

congressman edwards visits duotech services

Tim Richards, Repair Technician, describes DSI’s repair and sustainment capabilities to Congressman Edwards.

Congressman Edwards’s visit underscores the importance of Duotech’s contributions to the aerospace and defense industries, both domestically and globally. It also signals the potential for increased collaborative partnerships with government entities, strengthening Duotech’s position as a leading service provider in the sector.

About Duotech Services

Duotech Services is a leading provider of specialized engineering solutions for aerospace and defense industries worldwide. It is structured to solve the engineering, reverse engineering, repair, and re-manufacturing problems of military users of electronic and electromechanical equipment. With over 40 years of experience, Duotech offers a broad range of services, from design and development to repair and maintenance. The company is headquartered in Franklin, North Carolina, and supports industries in almost 40 countries worldwide.

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