Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

An Affordable and Flexible Solution for a Radar Warning Receiver
ARGUS Details

The ARGUS Radar Warning System is a highly affordable digital threat detection system designed for a variety of platforms and applications. Sensing integration allows the user to incorporate ARGUS into many different types of existing mission systems, or as a stand-alone system on its own. The standard system provides 4-6 channels in 8GHz-11GHz or 2GHz to 18GHz. This solution provides calibration methods to utilize existing antennas in the F-5, F-16, C-130, and other platforms. Expansion of the platform allows for increasing channels in increments of 4-6 per processor assembly.


Connectivity via Ethernet provides for a highly flexible integration path. UDP or TCP/IP functionality built into ARGUS allows for coordination or multiple different computing systems. ARGUS can also integrate with a stand-alone display and custom interface tailored to user requirements.


Argus provides a full POSIX Linux system with C++ and C# applications. COTS component integration, open architecture design, and Duotech’s industry-proven track record of obsolescence mitigation and life cycle support ensure that ARGUS is a capable, cost-effective threat warning option for defense operators worldwide.

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Technical Specification

  • 4 or 6 channel
  • 2-18 GHz or 8-11 GHz
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Configurable Processive Bandwidth
  • Full-Featured Integration Tools
  • High Probability of Detection for Ultra Wide Band Threats


  • Processor Assembly: Length 7.25” x Width 4.75” x Height 6” w/ Handle: Length 9”
  • Line Amplifier: Length 6.25” x Width 3.5” x Height 1.5” Length includes plug
  • Antenna: Length 2.5” x Diameter 2.5”
ARGUS Radar Warning Receiver RWR Display
Radar Warning Receiver RWR dimensions ARGUS

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