There are many cockpit videos of jet aircraft performing missions, like destroying a moving ground target, evading a SAM in an F-16, or flying in tight formation as part of the Blue Angels demonstration team. Even we are guilty of overindulging in sharing exhilarating cockpit footage. Just a few of our favorites you may have seen embedded on our website in the past include Jet Friday: An F-18 Screaming Through Downtown Chicago, Jet Friday: Video of Extreme Low Flying of F-5 Tiger II Over Norway, C-2 Greyhound Pilot Highly Focused During Carrier Landing – Split View, and Australia’s Beautiful Landscapes From an F-18 Cockpit – RAAF Hornet Ball 2020.

Most often when you see a cockpit view video, someone has covered over the fighter jet’s sounds with music, or, if you are lucky, you may hear the sounds of the aircraft and pilot. Cockpit videos could be easy to follow along without editorials describing what is taking place. It’s normally high definition views of low-flying high speed passes across a beautiful landscape or watching a pilot line up their aircraft behind an aircraft carrier and slamming onto the deck.

But if you had an experienced pilot break down a flight – describe what the pilot is thinking and doing as they approach their objective, that could be entertaining AND very informative. How many actions are the pilots conducting simultaneously while also focusing on situational awareness of everything outside the cockpit?

The Fighter Pilot Podcast shares a couple of videos that do just that. In this video below, “What Are They Doing? Navy F/A-18 Pilot Breaks Down Day Carrier Landings” a pilot describes from experience what is happening during a daytime carrier landing.

Enjoy this #JetFriday video and have a great Friday! See all our Jet Friday posts. If you enjoy it, please share it with friends and colleagues.

What Are They Doing? Navy F/A-18 Pilot Breaks Down Day Carrier Landings

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