A Synchrophaser Test Set is employed to assess the functionality of a synchrophaser, an electronic device used to synchronize C-130 Hercules propellers and phase the passing of their blades as they turn. When the synchronizer is operational, it matches the four propeller RPMs and, when needed, adjusts the relative positions of each individual blade in their arcs.

c130 capabilities duotechThough synchronization is not necessary for the C-130 to operate properly, through rpm synchronizing and the capability to adjust the blade position, the synchrophaser primarily serves to increase comfort to passengers and crew during flight. This is accomplished because when propellers are synchronized it greatly reduces propeller noise and irritating vibrations that occur when they rotate at slightly different speeds.

Duotech repairs C-130 Hercules Synchrophaser Test Sets like the one pictured above. Following the initial inspection by DSI Technicians, damage found to this particular case was repaired, latches were replaced, and a new power supply was installed. Following testing and calibration of the unit, the Synchrophaser Test Set was returned to the end-user.

Duotech maintains an AS9100C registration and is a qualified repair station for hundreds of items. Learn more below about Duotech’s long-term sustainment capabilities for your C-130 Hercules.

C-130 Facts Infographic

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