Congratulations on a great summer, Alex Mescher!

A rising sophomore from Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School joined the Duotech Services team for the Summer. Alex Mescher spent his break from school gaining a better insight into the role of Mechanical Engineer in the Aerospace and Defense community.

Rabun Gap Sophomore Spends His Summer as a Mechanical Engineer

Pictured here is Alex at DSI’s HAAS VF2 CNC Machine

On his last day as an intern, we cornered him for a few questions about himself and his experience at Duotech Services. Here is what he shared with us.

DSI: How long have you been in our area?
Alex: My family moved to Otto, North Carolina from Atlanta three years ago.

DSI: When did you begin attending Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School?
Alex: I started at Rabun Gap in 7th grade and this year I will be a sophomore.

DSI: What is your favorite subject in school?
Alex: I really enjoy science.

DSI: You have spent two months with our Mechanical Engineering team, what skills have you developed?
Alex: I spent nearly every day creating 3D models in Solidworks, computer-aided design (CAD) software common to the aerospace industry. I learned how to work with fellow employees to solve problems and how engineering happens in the real world.

This internship has made me want to be an engineer even more now that I have work experience. I want to do more of these internships to continue building my skills.

DSI: What are your goals for the future?
Alex: I would like to go to Stanford and get a degree in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Later on, I want to start my own company that centers around computing and artificial intelligence.

DSI was glad to have Alex with us over this summer. We wish him all the best in his upcoming school year and the ultimate success in his future career!

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