Four future engineers will end their summer intern season with Duotech over the next two weeks and return back to school. Two of the interns are attending the engineering school at Western Carolina University and the other two Cedarville University’s engineering school. Over this Summer, the four have strengthened their skills utilizing CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D modeling, PCB design, prototyping alongside Duotech’s engineers and technicians assisting with the ARTES ATE, Delta Radar, trade show models, and characterization of APQ-153 and APQ-159 radar systems.

Pictured above from left to right are James Walker, Jesse Crotts, Sara Freeland, and Victoria (Tori) Handley.

James is a Mechanical Engineer graduate from Western Carolina University (WCU), located in Cullowhee, NC, and is currently pursuing his Masters there also. He worked on a variety of projects while at Duotech, including many hours milling heat sinks using the HAAS VF4 CNC Vertical Machining Center. When asked what was one thing he enjoyed about this summer internship, he said that he enjoyed the variety of projects he worked on and how he learned something new every day.

Also attending WCU is Jesse Crotts. Jesse, who served as a U.S. Navy Corpsman from 2010 to 2014, expects to graduate from Western Carolina’s engineering program in the Spring of 2018. Jesse learned a lot about Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and how an engineering firm works.

Sara will graduate from Cedarville University engineering program in the Spring of 2018. She is studying to be an electrical engineer. Duotech is her second internship since she began at Cedarville. While at Duotech, she “enjoyed learning how to use the various machines, namely the laser printer.” In the future, she hopes to work in either image processing or laser technology. She also would love to work in Israel someday.

Tori also attends Cedarville University, which is located in Cedarville, Ohio. She will graduate as an electrical engineer in the Spring of 2018, as well. She really enjoyed the scenery of the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina where Duotech is located. She stated that she learned a lot over the course of this internship and was glad to see how a lot of the principles they covered in class were being applied in real life during her work at Duotech. Tori hopes to someday work in the area of robotics.

Duotech was glad to have these four interns with us over this summer. It seemed like late May through August flew very quickly and that they just got here. We wish James, Jesse, Sara, and Tori great success in their future careers!

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