Su-26 Pilot Svetlana Kapanina

Su-26 Pilot-Svetlana Kapanina Photo by Aleksander Markin

Click for Video Though the Sukhoi Su-26 is not a jet, but rather a single-seater aerobatics plane powered by a single radial reciprocating engine, the cockpit view of this pilot pushing the nimble aircraft to its limits is very entertaining. It’s a great chance to see the aerial tricks performed from inside the cockpit instead of from the ground looking up.

Flown in the video below by Svetlana Kapanina, a Russian aviator and one of the best aerobatic pilots in the world, this 3-bladed Su-26 is very quick, and extremely maneuverable. You can see in the video the workout a pilot faces performing these stunts during an airshow.

We have set this video to the beginning of her stunts (4 min. mark). If you want to see her take off and warm up, just start the movie at the beginning. Enjoy a different ‘twist and turn’ to this week’s Jet Friday.

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