Nearly everyone enjoys jet aircraft. Most everyone enjoys Fridays. Therefore, we thought it would be great to combine both and start “Jet Friday”, where every Friday we share with you something we find really awesome on the Internet about jet aircraft.

To kick off this series, we start with one of Hush-Kit’s Top Ten, “The Top Ten Fighters: 1985.” For those unfamiliar with aircraft terminology, we included descriptions for a couple of industry terms used in this article. Follow the link below to Hush-Kit’s article, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Look Down/Shoot Down – a radar system’s ability to detect, track, lock onto, and shoot down an air target moving below the horizon. In 1985, the F-16 Fighting Falcon had the APG-66, or the upgraded APG-68, with this capability. Today, many F-16s around the world still operate with the -66 or the -68.

Beyond Visual Range – If a pilot wants to destroy a target before they can see it, the aircraft needs a missile that can be guided by the radar onto a target ‘beyond visual range’ (BVR). The aircraft’s Combined Interrogator/Transponder, like the F-16’s APX-113, identifies an aircraft as an enemy, allowing the pilot to engage before the other aircraft comes into view.

The Top Ten Fighters: 1985

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