A dogfight between a Dutch F-16 Fighting Falcon and an American F-15 EagleThis video is shot from two angles inside the cockpit of the F-16. One perspective is forward facing off the starboard side of the pilot’s helmet and the other from the port side of the head-up display (HUD). It opens with the F-16 pilot taxiing from a concrete bunker to runway and then launching into the sky.

Once airborne, both aircraft rendezvous with an American KC-135 tanker at the 2:30 mark. It is interesting to watch the F-16 pilot guide his aircraft to the refueling telescoping boom.

At the 3:39 mark, the pilots communicate with a hand signal and the fight is on! For most of the remainder of the video, the two perform aerobatics over the sea, twisting and turning, executing high-G maneuvers through the sky, each trying to gain the advantage over the other.

During the fight, you get to see the advantages of the F-16’s frameless bubble canopy – no blind spots. You can see more of these reasons the F-16 is a top air-to-air combat aircraft on our free F-16 Facts Infographic.

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Aerial fight Dutch F-16 vs US F-15 over the North Sea – English description

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