Watch Video Below We grow up dreaming of flying. We watch in wonderment of the little brown bird hopping off the branch of a tree, spreading its wings, and slipping freely into the air. We stand by a river and look up at an eagle soaring above, scanning the water below for lunch. On a grassy hill we lie on our back, eyes fixated on an airliner tens of thousands of feet above the earth. The child wants to fly.

Some of us grow up and lose that wonderment of flight. Some may fill the void through skydiving or hang gliding. For a few, that inside voice is too strong and they begin taking lessons learning to fly a small airplane at a little municipal airport just outside of town. Others, they graduate college, walk into a Air Force or Navy recruiter’s office and boldly state, “I want to fly an F-16.”

Eventually those driven to soar across the sky will find themselves in a cockpit. It may be operating a medivac helicopter delivering an emergency patient to a hospital. Or maybe it’s as a pilot of a small puddle jumper aircraft that shuttles people across vast wilderness areas. The point is, eventually most who really want to fly will find themselves flying a jet aircraft.

But then there’s that one guy…who BECOMES the jet aircraft. Jetman – he’s not a superhero to everyone. He is a superhero to those who still feel the urge to be that little brown bird.

Below are two videos where Vince Reffet, AKA Jetman, does just that. He’s exchanged that branch of the tree for the side of a helicopter, but he soars… oh how he soars! See all our Jet Friday posts.

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