Click for Video An F-5 Tiger II taxies to the starting point of a runway preparing to take-off. The pilot walks through his final checklist and runs the engine up to full power to check for engine-related problems. He releases the brake and rumbles down the long stretch of runway. The aircraft accelerates until it reaches the appropriate speed for take-off. The pilot pulls back, raising the nose to increase lift from the wings and get the F-5 to lift off into the sky. How does this fighter jet achieve flight?

Lift? Thrust? Drag? Gravity? When a plane is traveling through the air, all of these forces affect flight. So how does a plane stay in the sky? Lift has to do with controlling air molecules – how much and where they smash into the plane.

Confused? This educational video provides a fun and fascinating way to understand the concept of flight in “How Do Airplanes Fly?.” Enjoy MinutePhysics explanation and please share this post with your friends, family, and your classroom.

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