When it comes to raw power, nothing is quite like a jet engine. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you had access to an infographic about how a jet engine works? How about a video instead? Well, if you merge both image and video you get animated graphics. That is exactly what Jacob O’Neal gives you on his website, Animagraffs.com.

As the website name demonstrates, Animagraffs illustrates how a jet engine works using very detailed animated graphics created by O’Neal. The animations combine both interesting facts, like how long it would take for a jet engine to completely suck the wind out of an American football stadium (less than a minute), to identifications of the various jet engine sections and what jobs they perform.

There’s no doubt that once you finish checking out the jet engine Animagraff, you’ll become distracted by the many other “How does it work” examples that make-up their website. Follow the link below to Animagraff’s website, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

See Inside a Jet Engine on Animagraff Website

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