On January 14, 2021, Dan Rogers, President of Duotech Services, arrived at the Macon County Airport (1A5) with his company’s latest radar system testing platform, a Cessna 421B Golden Eagle. The weather was perfect for the midday landing at 1A5 located in Franklin, NC. When the Cessna touches down, Rogers guides the aircraft to its new home in the hangar.

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Duotech’s Nemesis Radar System attached to the Cessna 421B for testing

Airborne operational testing and integration tool for radar and radar warning receiver (RWR) products

Daniel Rogers, VP of Engineering at Duotech Services, says of the company’s newly arrived aircraft, “This 421 represents an operational testing and integration tool for radar and radar warning receiver (RWR) products. These products include Nemesis, ARES, and Argus. Customers performing integration or contracting with integration companies will be able to utilize this with the sensor platforms. Furthermore, the operational demonstration is available to potential customers.”

This platform does provide a great opportunity for Duotech to demonstrate the radar and radar warning systems. Parties interested in the technology will not only be able to get briefed on their capabilities but can also get a firsthand look at the systems in action. With the addition of the aircraft, potential customers can experience firsthand how Duotech Services’ radar technology is incorporated into an aircraft and how the pilot interacts with the interface and controls.

CESSNA 421B Golden Eagle Specifications

The Cessna 421 is a pressurized, light transport aircraft that was developed in the 1960s. In 1971, a new improved version designated the 421B was introduced with a wider wingspan, which increased its service ceiling by 5,000 ft, and a longer nose for a larger baggage compartment. With a crew of either one or two, the Cessna 421B can also seat up to eight passengers.

The Cessna 421B has two six-cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engines. These propel the 421B to a maximum speed of 290 mph and a rate of climb of 1850 fpm. Its service ceiling is nearly 32,000 ft and a range of 972 miles.

Duotech Services’ Nemesis Radar System is a tailor-made Mechanically Scanned Array (MESA) radar. NEMESIS will conform to current aircraft avionics bays, standard rack structures, and utilize existing power and cooling. It upgrades and retrofits to eliminate any obsolescence or supportability issues resident to existing legacy radar systems.
Learn more about NEMESIS

Duotech Services’ ARES AESA Radar System can upgrade current mechanically scanned radar systems. With its versatile installation capabilities, this AESA can be scaled to fit and perform in a variety of different fighter and trainer aircraft: All the AESA benefits, at a fraction of the price.
Learn more about ARES

Duotech Services’ ARGUS Radar Warning System is a highly affordable digital threat detection system designed for a variety of platforms and applications. Sensing integration allows the user to incorporate ARGUS into many different types of existing mission systems, or as a stand-alone system on its own.
Learn more about ARGUS

DSI is also a qualified FAA Repair Station and maintains AS9100D and ISO 9001 certifications with the scope of repair, design, production (including CNC machining and laser cutting), testing and overhaul services for electronic and electro-mechanical equipment for military and commercial applications.

Duotech specializes in repairing obsolete equipment that the OEMs no longer support, or if they do, the repair comes at a cost well over repair percentage guidelines. We repair obsolete equipment at a lower cost and with a shorter turnaround time. DSI has the capability to repair the mission-critical electronics systems of the F-5 Tiger II and F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, among many other platforms.



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