In an attempt to break the current land speed record of 760.343 mph set by Andy Green in 1997, a new jet/rocket powered car is being developed that will take the driver over 1000 mph. The new vehicle, named the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car, is, according to The Telegraph, one of the “most technologically complex cars ever manufactured.”

Currently, the engineers are putting the car through its testing phases with a most recent exercise being getting the Bloodhound up to 200 mph, which it did in less than 8 seconds. The test team discovered the car would actually continue to accelerate even after they let off the throttle. Because of this, the driver would let off at 130 mph while the car continued to accelerate for another 2 seconds.

The driver selected to pilot this jet powered car is also Andy Green, a Royal Air Force fighter pilot and the current World Land Speed Record holder. In the Bloodhound, Green will attempt to smash his current record and exceed 1000 mph in the South African desert in 2019. When the Bloodhound exceeds 1000 mph, the speed will be similar the maximum speed at altitude of an F-5 Tiger II (1,060 mph) and near the F-16 Fighting Falcon (1,320 mph).

You can learn more about this remarkable car in the Trans World Sport video below. If you like jet powered vehicles then check out all our many #JetFriday posts and share them with your friends.

Bloodhound SSC – The 1000 miles per hour car

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