If you like rocket engines, you’ll like this video. If you like watching animated objects filmed in slow motion, you’ll like this video. If you want to see what happens when a model rocket engine is fired underwater and filmed in super slow motion, then you will love this video.

Most of us might remember that middle school science project where we built model rockets and then fired them into the sky from a nearby field. After the rocket pops its parachute, we would chase them down 500 yards away and tried to catch them before they touched the ground. It was pretty exciting to launch something into the sky and it was likely one of the few school lessons that tends to stay with you into adulthood.

After one of their Youtube viewer requests, Warped Perception took on the challenge to burn a model rocket underwater and film the outcome in super slow motion. So, they took a model rocket labeled D12-5 and did just that. A comment on this video’s page explains what the D12-5 identifies about the rocket utilized for filming this experiment. The -5, which identifies that the rocket has a 5 second delay before ejection charge, explains the extra surprise they received at the end of the initial burn.

We really enjoyed this one, as we know you will too. If you are interested in jet powered aircraft then check out all our other #JetFriday posts and share them with your friends.

Burning Model Rocket Engine Underwater – in 4K Slow Motion

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