Do you know your F-16s from your F-18s? Can you identify an A-10 Warthog at a glance? If so, congratulations – you’re a true fighter jet enthusiast! But how well do you really know your aircraft?

While most civilians might not be able to tell a Harrier Jump Jet apart from a helicopter, there are many enthusiasts out there who know their fighter jets inside and out. In this blog post, we’ll test your knowledge with a quiz on some of the most popular fighter aircraft in the world.

The First Military Aircraft

In 1903, the Wright Brothers flew the first heavier-than-air glider 120 feet across the dunes in North Carolina. But, did you know the first aircraft purchased for the U.S. Army was the Wright Military Flyer in 1909? The US Navy would follow in 1911 with another Wright aircraft that was modified for water takeoff. Learn more…

How Topgun Are You?

This quiz will feature 10 overhead silhouettes of U.S. Fighter Aircraft. So put on your aviator sunglasses and get ready for takeoff!

U.S. Fighter Aircraft Silhouette Identification Quiz

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us fighter jet identification quiz

U.S. Fighter Aircraft Silhouette Identification Quiz

1 / 10

a-10 thunderbolt II overhead silhouette

2 / 10

f-14 tomcat overhead silhouette

3 / 10

f-5 tiger II overhead silhouette

4 / 10

av-8b harrier overhead silhouette

5 / 10

f-22 raptor overhead silhouette

6 / 10

f18 super hornet overhead silhouette

7 / 10

f-4 phantom II overhead silhouette

8 / 10

f-15 strike eagle overhead silhouette

9 / 10

f-16 fighting falcon viper overhead silhouette

10 / 10

f-35 lightning II overhead silhouette

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F-16 CADC PN: 4025116-905 AND 4025116-907 NSN: 6610-01-308-1859

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