High Power Amplifier Repair

Duotech Services provides repair services for high power RF and other amplifiers of all sizes. These include tube and transistor based systems. When repair support is required, contact Duotech for your high power amplifier needs.

Repair Support Capabilities

High Power Amplifier Repair

Hello I’m Daniel Rogers of Duotech Services and one of the services that I want to highlight is our high power amplifier repair. Whether it be for power amplifiers for servers, or something like these transmitters that are part of the APG-66 Radar System. We work with these whether there are two based on solid state all over the spectrum from gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, traveling wave tubes, magnetrons, klystrons, all over the spectrum.

Here Duotech Services we provide a broad range of repair services maintenance services for your electronics. Now a lot of the things that happened with high power amplifiers, they have a lot of issues that whenever you’re doing something that has high voltage power supplies, high current, and inherently high noise figure, there are a lot of things and non idealities that have to be dealt with in the repair and refurbishment service. Not just fixing a power supply problem, but going through with a full end-to-end service that you require to get your item back up and running so you can fulfill your mission.

If you have an opportunity to visit us online at DuotechServices.com, checkout the services that we perform on high power suppliers and other things. Check us out on Twitter.com/DuotechServ Duotech Services Supporting the Past. Engineering the Future. DuotechServices.com

APG-66 AND APG-68 Radar Support

This system enables air-to-air and air-to-surface threat engagement with great accuracy even at night or in poor weather conditions.


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