During our early morning search for great content to share with you, an article from Aviation Week caught our eye. This morning, they shared a link to their first magazine issue from August of 1916 entitled, Aviation and Aeronautical Engineering. The mission of its publisher, Lester D. Gardner, was to “provide the aeronautical profession with the latest and most helpful technical information.”

Flight in 1916 was just coming out of its infancy and into an exciting era of growth. Like it still does today, aerospace technology back then changed very quickly. With the excitement that followed the Wright Brother’s first flight in 1903, the advancements that followed the first Military Flyer in 1909, and the experience gained after the first military use of aircraft in 1911, this community surrounding the heavier-than-air machines would grow quickly. Mr. Gardner’s aim would be to supply one of the first aviation periodicals to tie this community together.

The magazine cost 5 cents at the time and some of the special features included a Course in Aerodynamics and Aeroplane Design as well as The Latest Types of German Aeroplanes. Enjoy the read and also the great photos that Gardner included.

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Aviation Week First Edition – August 1916

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