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Elephant Walk of the Osprey

Miramar, California is home to a U.S. Marine Corps installation just outside San Diego. More than 12,000 Marines and Sailors are stationed there. But to most people, Miramar is probably more known for its days as the Naval Fighter Weapons School, also known as TOP...

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40 Air Victories – U.S. Ace of Aces Richard Bong

It’s summertime in 1928 just outside of Superior, Wisconsin. An 8-year old farm boy marvels at a small plane flying over his family farm. Each day the plane goes about its way to deliver mail to then President Calvin Coolidge’s summer White House. The boy is Richard...

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19 Days As A POW – This A-10 Pilot Shares His Experience

A flight of two A-10 Thunderbolt IIs, piloted by then 1st Lieutenant Rob “Sweetness” Sweet and his flight commander, Captain Stephen R. Phillis, crossed the northern border of Kuwait headed farther into Iraq than any A-10 had gone before. Both men were graduates of...

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