If you opened a search engine and look for 3D printers you’d be amazed at what these printers are being used for today. They come in many different sizes and obviously from searching, they also have many different materials they will print. Today we will share five amazing uses of 3D printing.

Music Instruments

uses of 3d printingSuccessful musicians seldom mimic other successful musicians. They have the desire to be one of a kind when it comes to their clothing, their voice, and their lifestyles. Now with the use of 3D printing they can extend the unique style to another level. More than just a custom paint job on a guitar, a 3D printer can create a solid three-dimensional custom body. One of the coolest guitars I’ve seen using a 3D printer in the music industry is this Atom Guitar created by Odd Guitar. (Photo from manufacturer OddGuitar)


If you can print food you could change the world. Imagine how many could be fed if you were able to print food? As you read this someone somewhere is trying to create a sort of Star Trek food replicator. They can print pizza, hamburgers, and sugar candies though at this time none of these are able to print in large quantities.

Can you imagine someone creating a donut that is printed out and is healthy for you? It’s not far away. As the article “3D Printers Could Actually Make Donuts Healthy“, mass-produced food ‘could be tailored specifically to suit an individual’s dietary needs.’

In another story, CBS reported that a company in Germany used a 3D printer to create pureed food that looked and tasted like real food. This food was served in a nursing home. Since it was pureed the food was much easier for the elderly to swallow without choking.

Cars and Homes

Within the next two years, two brothers will drive a car across the country from New York to San Francisco and back again. They plan to trace the same path that Horatio Nelson Jackson took in 1903 when he was the first person to drive across the United States. The two brothers, Cody and Tyler Kor, will make their cross-country road trip driving a car they have near completely created from a 3D printer.

A man in Minnesota converted a 3D printer so that it would spray concrete. He then created a castle. Yes, he printed a castle in his backyard. He printed out his own castle made of concrete. The Tech Guru Daily points out that Mr. Rudenko says “the castle is a test run” and that he plans to build a full two-story home next.

Prosthetic Limbs

Here at Duotech wounded warriors and the men and women of our armed services are close to our hearts. 3D printing is now being researched and used to create lips, chins, and bone replacements as well as for prosthetics. 3D-printed limbs and hands controlled by apps becoming mainstream – Mail Online

uses of 3d printingReplacing Obsolete Parts

At Duotech our Stratasys Fortus 250MC 3D printer enables us to produce parts made of PLA plastic quickly and accurately. These parts can be used for fit checks prior to machining a part from metal or after the appropriate finishing as final deliverables. When a piece of equipment comes in needing repair and part of that repair is to replace a worn, broken, or missing obsolete part we can create a replica with our printer. When it fits perfectly we can then create a permanent new metal part extending the life of the repaired equipment. Duotech also uses 3D printing for creating their promotional items.

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