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Daniel Rogers, Vice President, and Silas Gibbs, Engineering Manager, of Duotech Services introduce and discuss various topics that come up during engineering development projects. These videos focus on current challenges, questions, and discussions that are encountered in the office. If you are involved in a design project, managing a project, or just seeking to get a better understanding of what it takes to solve real-world problems, hopefully these videos can help provide some insight into what goes on during the electrical design and development process.
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Radar Signal Chain Discussion

What does a generic radar signal chain look like? What are the considerations that come into play?Watch the video below.Previously, we have talked about technical basics such as Noise Figure, Phase Noise, Antennas, and other topics. What does a larger system design...

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Transient Current Events in DC Motor Drivers

Brushless DC motors advantages for new designs or redesign of motor actuated systems. These include more reliable and longer sustained mechanical systems, but what are some of the electrical implications of designing a brushless motor? We offer a wide variety of...

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Integration – One of the Biggest Engineer Challenges

[Watch Video Below] Daniel and Silas discuss the reality that integration is one of the biggest challenges faced in engineering. From bringing together multiple disciplines across the team, to using components from other suppliers, to moving a design from the...

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Tubes Versus Transistors – Watts Relevant

[Watch Video Below] Moving from tubes to transistors may be attractive, but trade-offs exist. In a world that is seeing the move from GaAs to GaN & SiC, an entirely new world of possibilities exist for RF designers. Some realms still feel the dominance of tubes,...

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Electronic Systems from Interfaces to Integration

Click for Video -Building and supporting an electronics design requires more than just designing drawing a schematic. This installment of Watts Relevant explores and enumerates the design considerations including electrical, mechanical, thermal, interface...

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Electronics Hardware Project Types

Click for Video -What kind of project do you have on your hands? The project may be solving a single problem, or it may be encompassing many facets of a solution. Does it stand alone, or it is packaged into a larger scheme? It may even be a system that utilizes...

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Integration Challenges

Click for Video - You have an idea for a design using components or modules from another manufacturer? What challenges are waiting for you just below the surface of the data sheet? Not all sales people know their product as well as engineers need to when using them....

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Build Vs Buy

Click for Video - When do you make the trade-off of building a custom product versus buying something ready to use? Every design has limitations, but do commercial products provide what you need? When are your requirements so specific that only custom will do? Where...

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Prototype Approach

Click for Video - What do you need to consider when developing a prototype? Engineers develop prototypes to prove that an approach is valid. Sometimes a rats nest of wire can be used to prove a concept, but what provides the best results? Does it need to be packaged?...

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The First Microprocessor

In the world of microprocessors, we look to the one that started it all, the Intel 4004. We take a look at this device on it’s 44th anniversary, and many advances that have come after it. This includes the difference between microprocessors and microcontrollers. These...

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Managing Noise in Electronic Systems

Managing noise in electronic systems requires more than just putting everything in a metal box. What is needed to be done beyond shielding? EMI considerations can make or break your design’s capabilities. This edition of Watts Relevant focuses on mitigation of noise...

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Mitigating Noise of Electronic Systems

Electronic components and system not only generate noise sources but are also sensitive to them, as well. Cables, passives, and simple transistor switching can introduce challenges. This episode of Watts Relevant focuses on dealing with real world noise inside and...

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