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Last Surviving Doolittle Raider Dies at 103

April 18, 1942 - 1 ship, 16 bombers, 80 volunteers, 650 nautical miles, 1 target, and 2 goals - boost morale in the U.S. and attack Japan just months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even though this highly classified mission only caused minor damage, the daring...

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Pilots Who Would Become U.S. President

Presidents of the United States come from all walks of life to lead the country in the highest political office in the land. Some are small business owners, others are farmers and lawyers. There are those who were school teachers like James Madison, James Garfield,...

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A-10 Unit Receives the Gallant Unit Citation, a Rare Honor

The A-10 Thunderbolt II, a favorite aircraft of the U.S. ground combat troops engaged in combat, can stall an enemy’s attack by just flying over or near the battlefield. The bbrrrrrrrrrt! sound of the A-10’s 30mm Gatling cannon can instill confidence in the troops and...

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The U-2 Spy Plane, Difficult to Fly, Land, and Launch

An all black, single-engine aircraft soars through the sky above 70,000 feet. It's at the edge of space, 13 miles above sea level, so without radar, it will likely go unnoticed by anyone on the ground below. It is flying over an undisclosed region of the world...

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First Flight of the SB-1 Defiant

On March 21, 2019, one possible future replacement of the U.S. military’s UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter completed its first flight. The SB-1 Defiant, a coaxial rotor aircraft is Sikorsky Aircraft and Boeing’s entry for the Army’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program. The...

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Waiting in Silence, America’s Aircraft in The Boneyard

In the middle of the dry Sonoran Desert just outside Tucson, Arizona lies an air force much larger than most other countries around the world. Consisting of over 4000 aircraft, the inventory includes bombers, cargo, fighters, and refuelers in varying stages of their...

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