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Duotech’s news and events, Ask an Engineer, and repair topics by DSI engineers and technicians. Also, find general interests topics about the aerospace and defense industry. Please read and share our recent articles below.


Jet Friday: 0-160 MPH < 4 Seconds...On a Tricycle

0-160 MPH in under four seconds. That seems quite exhilarating to those thrill seekers who like speed. A naval aviator in an F-18 Super Hornet being launched off a carrier catapult will experience 2.5g of g-force when accelerating from 0-170 mph in two seconds in only...

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What to Do in Ogden When Attending the F-16 TCG

When you attend the F-16 TCG Worldwide Review in Ogden, you’ll have the opportunity to meet exhibitors and guests during the exposition. International delegations, U.S. Military, and contractors will participate in productive government and contractor briefings during...

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Jet Friday: A Rocket Engine Underwater…In Slow Motion

If you like rocket engines, you’ll like this video. If you like watching animated objects filmed in slow motion, you’ll like this video. If you want to see what happens when a model rocket engine is fired underwater and filmed in super slow motion, then you will love...

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Jet Friday: Top Advanced Fighter Jets of the World

The jet fighter - as the first line of defense for most countries, this tool has become the tip of the spear since the first jet powered aircraft was introduced in 1944. Following Germany’s flight of the Messerschmitt ME 262, which had a top speed of 540 MPH, these...

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2017 Gold Star Teen Adventures Outdoor Adventure

Gold Star Teens are again this week in WNC/Franklin taking part in their annual summer leadership course. Gold Star Teen Adventures provides unique summer adventure opportunities for Gold Star Youth. This year’s camp not only includes 21 GSTA Teens, the largest group...

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AN/APQ-122 – The C-130 Hercules’ Eyes While In the Sky

A C-130 Hercules' primary mission is troop and cargo transport. There are variants of the C-130 that provide many unique mission capabilities like fuel tankers, gunships, and even firefighting. It is one of the few aircraft in the world to span over 50 years of...

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Milling and Assembly of Heat Sink on Power Amplifiers

Watch Video Below Utilizing HAAS VF2 and VF4 Multi-axis CNCs, Duotech engineers construct new power amplifier assemblies to replace worn or broken obsolescent parts. Avoid scrapping repairable equipment. Duotech specializes in repairing obsolete equipment that the...

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Addressing Obsolescence Keeps The Bone Flying

Its designation is the B-1 Lancer. By combining the B and the one(1) it is often referred to by those who fly it as “Bone.” A supersonic heavy bomber, the B-1 Lancer was introduced into service in 1986, but its first flight was in 1974. Why so long from first flight...

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Reconfigurable I/O to the ATE is The Socket to The Ratchet Set

Everyone has probably been there. You have something you need to fix on your car’s engine. You buy a specific tool that allows you to correct whatever is wrong. Because it’s specialized, the tool is expensive, and when you’re done it is put on the shelf in your shed...

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