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Duotech’s news and events, Ask an Engineer, and repair topics by DSI engineers and technicians. Also, find general interests topics about the aerospace and defense industry. Please read and share our recent articles below.

Jet Friday: Some Fly The Jet…Some Become The Jet

Watch Video Below We grow up dreaming of flying. We watch in wonderment of the little brown bird hopping off the branch of a tree, spreading its wings, and slipping freely into the air. We stand by a river and look up at an eagle soaring above, scanning the water...

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Jet Friday: The A-10 In Close Air Support

Watch Video Below Let’s be honest: if you’ve found this article then you’re like us and can’t get enough of the A-10 Thunderbolt II. You’ll see it’s the truth just by following the links to previous articles we’ve produced: Four Factors that Make the A-10 Thunderbolt...

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HAVE QUICK Through the AN/TRC-187 Radio

As a pilot, you need to stay in communication with other aircraft during your flight. As you pass through a military flight corridor, you may want to contact other friendly fixed-wing or rotary wing aircraft in your area to pass along relevant information. As an...

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FPGA vs Microcontroller – Advantages of Using An FPGA

What is a FPGA device? A Gate Array is a pre fabricated semiconductor device, like a silicon chip, that has not been configured to have a particular function during fabrication. The Field-Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA, is an integrated circuit that can be...

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Aircraft Autopilot Means Hands Off Flying, Not Pilot Sleeping

It’s a crisp, early Sunday morning and a Delta Boeing 777 is lined up on the runway. Final checks are made and the pilots advances the throttles, making the wheels creep forward from a crawl ultimately to take-off speed. The pilot pulls back on the yoke and the big...

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How RADAR Detect, Track, and Attack Through the Clutter

When a fighter jet moves through the sky in a hostile environment, the pilot needs to know of any possible threats that may be in their zone of operation. To gain the element of surprise, a pilot must be able to spot the other aircraft before they see him. To see the...

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18 Questions You Should Ask Possible Vendors and Suppliers

When the success of your business depends on having trustworthy suppliers and vendors, you should be very particular when choosing those participants in your supply chain. On a day to day basis, parts come in, components are constructed, and products sold. As you use...

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Helicopter First Flights and Interesting Facts

Man has always had a desire to fly. The drive to leave the ground like a bird and see the earth from a new perspective has motivated men to build flying contraption after flying contraption to find the solution. The first successful flight of a heavier-than-air craft...

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