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Thanksgiving and the U.S. Military, by the Numbers

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all our service men and women serving around the globe! Enjoy our video below, Thanksgiving and the U.S. Military, by the Numbers. Thanksgiving and the U.S. Military, by the Numbers  Video Transcript Happy Thanksgiving Day to all our service...

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Working and Living on a U.S. Aircraft Carrier

The United States Aircraft Carrier - It is known as 4.5 acres of sovereign American territory. On its decks, inside its islands, down in the berthing compartments, serving in the chow hall, machine shops, electrical shops, laundry rooms, and ship's stores, over 5,000...

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What Makes an AESA Radar Better?

Not only are there space and weight savings because of the Integrated transmit and receive chain, an AESA radar provides opportunity for many performance improvements over a mechanically scanned radar antenna. This video discusses a couple of them. The high movement...

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Antenna Arrays Pt. 2 with Silas Gibbs

The concepts of phase shifting antenna elements to create a high-gain antenna can be extended to allow digital control of the antenna direction in what is known as an Electronically Scanned Antenna. Electronically scanned antenna arrays use phase shifting elements to...

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Antenna Arrays Pt. 1 with Silas Gibbs

Directional, high-gain antennas can be made using arrays of individual elements rather than through large horn or parabolic antennas. Individual radiating elements with controlled phase shift combine to create more gain in a desired direction. Initially arrays of...

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Pilots Hope They Never Need This Airfoil Shaped System

A C-17 Globemaster is on a late night flight to deliver supplies, equipment, and personnel to Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks, Alaska. The flight originated out of McChord Air Force in Spokane, Washington. It’s a little over two and a half hours into the flight...

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Jet Friday: A Whittle Jet Engine History

The United States is a very large country. Before passenger aircraft were introduced, long distance travel for most Americans was a major inconvenience. To drive across the country, allowing time for rest, would take four or five days. Today, the ability to travel...

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Antenna Elements to Antenna Arrays

This video below discusses an individual antenna element, an array (e.g. leaky waveguide, PESA, AESA). What role does phase shift play in a system and the idea that relative distance and element size is related to frequency. We encourage you to pass this video along...

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A Few Distinguished Flying Cross Recipients

In 1926, the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), a military decoration awarded to any officer or enlisted member of the United States military who distinguish themselves through heroism or extraordinary achievement that is clearly distinctive involving operations during...

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Stunning Combat Aircraft Photos from Alaska!

Since the United States acquired Alaska from Russia in 1867, the U.S. military has maintained a strong presence in the upper territory. In the beginning, it was responsible for governing Alaska until it became a district in 1884. Today, the Alaskan Command provides...

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