Watch Video Below We watch videos of pilots performing crazy stunts, surviving near death experiences, and ‘on the edge of your seat’ harrowing landings. In person, you may see these pilots in their fixed-wing fighters screaming across the sky at air shows. Their bodies are squeezed into tight fitting flight suits and then they are strapped into ejection seats. They are trained how to breath when forces are working against their bodies.

As they demonstrate the jet’s capabilities, you see little movement from all the securing straps that hold them snug in their seat. Tight turns create high-G forces that you can’t see or experience unless you’re a reporter who films themselves passing out as the blood leaves the brain area, trapped in the lower extremities. Barrel rolls and giant loops seem effortless when a trained pilot performs the exercise. What about when an untrained pilot takes the flight controls and follows the instructions of a trained flight instructor?

That is where this week’s video comes in. In FEELING THE FORCES OF A FIGHTER JET, Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day uses science and illustrations to explain the forces he experiences as a temporary pilot in a T-38 Talon trainer. He does this in cooperation with the 560th Flying Training Squadron of the USAF at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas.

This a great way to kick off a #JetFriday. Who knows, you may just come away Smarter…Today. Here’s to Friday, and to all those out there taking it to the edge to keep us FREE, we salute you! See all our Jet Friday posts.

Feeling the Forces of a Fighter Jet

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