3. For those friends at the SS Friendship who doesn't know what it is, here is a little FAQ-like explanation (You can skip it if you want, just, you know, scroll down or click on the next section over there at your right): "Dude, I'm going to close this guide and look for something in the forums. This guide was made by me to help those in need!

- Fixed: Buttons, axis and POV remained pressed after switching off controller.

v3.0.2.25 (2015-04-30)

v3.0.1.0 (2015-04-14) Sometimes x360ce.exe application needs to be restarted, after assigning these, for the light to turn green.

- Fixed: Hide checkbox was available for devices which should not be hidden i.e. - New: Preset for "SL-6555-SBK". - Updated: 'Instance' option support added. v2.0.2.35 (2010-04-17) - Fixed: Default INI file will be created properly now. Run this program from the same directory as the game executable. - Fixed: Don't reload DLL if value haven't changed in INI. [OLD] How to setup x360ce and make it work with BBT. - Fixed: Clear errors interface jitter. hey i got a rock candy xbox 360 controller. - Fixed: Don't query devices if none connected.

v2.0.2.156 (2011-10-08) This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Click [Save] button.

v4.12.6.0 (2020-08-01) Downloads x360ce Alpha [Windows] [Intel] Hits: 50001 Size: 11,26 Mb Well, my noble friend, I'm sorry to say it is not that simple.

- Updated: Show most popular settings on the top on [Global Settings] list. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with BattleBlock Theater. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Uninstall: Run Xbox 360 Controller Emulator as an Administrator ► Options tab ► HID Guardian tab ► HID Guardian Uninstall button. Making it work with BBT (And other hard-headed games). v3.0.6.49 (2015-06-06) - Updated: Updated to Microsoft NET Framework 4.0. v2.0.2.163 (2012-09-23) - New: Prompt to repair .NET application settings added. Set "Map To" drop down list value to: 1. v2.0.2.91 (2010-09-02) You will be prompted if you want to create the x360ce.ini file.

v2.0.2.89 (2010-08-29) - Fixed: App configuration, which will ask for elevated permissions properly. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. Do not close Xbox 360 Controller Emulator 4.x during the game, just minimise it to reduce CPU use. - Updated: 'FakeWMI_NOPIDVID' option removed. Sign in - Updated: Updated to xinput1_3.dll v3.2.0.81. - New:  Faster 'reset' method is used for reloading settings. - Fixed: xBox 360 controller preset thumb stick button assignment. • x360ce.gdb - (Game Database) Includes required hookmasks for various games).

- Updated: Switched to "Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1". v2.0.2.33 (2010-04-17)

- Fixed: Incorrect XInput DLL load message.

- New: 'Console' setting support added. XInput library files exist with several different names and some games require a change in its name.

v3.0.3.36 (2015-05-12) “Xbox 360 Controller Emulator” allows your controller (gamepad, joystick, steering wheel, pedals, etc.) - New: Force feedback type option (FFBType) support added. v2.0.2.47 (2010-04-24) - Updated: Internet features are now enabled by default.

- Fixed: Exception with xinput1_1.dll, xinput1_2.dll or xinput9_1_0.dll file in the directory. - Updated: Updated to xinput1_3.dll v3.3.1.540. It is only visible to you. As stated by Danras in the comments section: Great guide! The x360ce.exe (3.x) application can be closed before launching the game. v2.0.2.66 (2010-08-02) 6. - Fixed: Rare app crash when device switched off. GitHub - x360ce/x360ce: Primary repository for the x360ce library, front-end and tools.

v2.0.2.19 (2010-04-11) - Fixed: 64-bit crash. All rights reserved. - Updated: Supports hot-plugging USB devices. - New: Added preset for "Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows)". Close x360ce Application, run game. - Updated: DinputMask, DinputFile, FakeVID, FakePID and Timeout settings relocated to x360ce.gdb. Hey, mate what should I do when the red square appears? v3.0.2.19 (2015-04-26) v2.0.2.43 (2010-04-22) Some people ask me why I use x360ce instead of . - Fixed: Temporary freeze when retrieving game settings.

- New: Add active control name to error report to help with bug fixing. v2.0.2.16 (2010-03-30)

- Updated: Compatibility with latest x360ce Library. - New: Supports DirectInput action capture/recording. By using the x360ce's xinput1_3.dll, I don't need to reinstall the game; And: It's small and consumes almost nothing of ram (my old pc had only 512mb of ram, so I developed a rationalizing consciousness).

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