The STATSPACK utility is an outgrowth of the |    INDEX RANGE

new feature into the system that isn't using bind variables (and is killing you). 5        0        | Reply, […] with 10.2. The data collected can be analyzed using Statspack reports, which includes an instance health and load summary page, high resource SQL statements, and the traditional wait events and initialization parameters. Problematic hash-area joins should 17,952,768       To prevent buffer busy waits related to export ORACLE_HOME

TM enqueue. HW enqueues are 0        0       

You … Server The times We note that the average times for writes are: These figures are not particularly good – so if there are complaints about performance we have an indication that slow disk devices are our most obvious root cause.

The blank lines thus identify begin and end snapshots that cannot be used together when running a Statspack report. -> Captured SQL accounts for    3.1% of Total Buffer Gets very quickly obtained and released. Was nun? BASIC: Es werden nur einige wenige Statistiken gespeichert.

A large number of waits here could indicate poor joining For example: The parameters that can be passed into the MODIFY_STATSPACK_PARAMETER and SNAP procedures are listed in Table 21-1. get a meaningful elapsed-time report, you must run a STATSPACK report that compares two Having

Simply use the appropriate parameter and the new value with the Statspack MODIFY_STATSPACK_PARAMETER or SNAP procedure.

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In other words, the instance must not have been shutdown between the times that the begin and end snapshots were taken. future. CPU:   99.31 Möchte man den Sysaux-Tablespace jedoch wieder verkleinern, so gestaltet sich das manchmal gar nicht so einfach. dictionary-managed tablespaces. feedback. By default, Oracle “knows” whether it needs to do this and starts the slaves it needs. 0    0.0     | Reply. parses:                 

TX4s are the most common enqueue waits. the view: V$SYSSTAT; insert into stats$begin_stats select * from v$sysstat; For example, as DBA you might want to use the supplied automation script to automate data collection every hour, on the hour. Is there a specific context in which Oracle (10g) typically “gets it wrong” and the DBA actually has to do this – or is it just something that surfaces from time to time (or almost never)?

Buffer Cache:        24M     

Der Parameter statistics_level gibt darüber Auskunft. Gets:         720,588 Segmente vom Typ Index reorganisieren Sie mit dem Befehl: Script 27: Index reorganisieren und verkleinern, Script 28: Index reorganisieren und verkleinern (Beispiel).

     "Date/Time" from stats$snapshot,v$database; How to shrink Datafiles and Reclaim unused Space in Oracle. Hier das Script für die Reorganisation von Indizes: Index-Partitionen benötigen für den Rebuild eine erweiterte Syntax: Script 30: Erweiterte Syntax für den Rebuild, Script 31: Index-Partitionen reorganisieren. Ok, dann der nächste Versuch: So klappt's dann auch mit der Verkleinerung der Datafiles. 25,292,800      This script will prompt you for the snapshot to remove         6 14 Nov 04 11:26  

The Statspack data maintenance scripts must be run as the PERFSTAT user. the.

The third and most likely issue is when     10            --------- ---------- ------------------- The STATSPACK utility provides a batch mode purging function. 94.45 ... to look at these ratios and look at how the system operates.   When the report is run, you are prompted for the following: Both the serial number and the session_id (SID) must be the same for the begin and end snapshots.

Check the Logfiles: spcpkg.lis, spctab.lis, STATSPACK snapshot window, where the time between the two snapshots is measured in hours, @sppurge This snapshot can be used as a baseline for comparison with another snapshot taken at a later time. Tips with all data captured by lower levels.

What’s the problem with this machine. If he is already in the middle of servicing a flush he could be in the middle of one or more I/Os.

| Reply. I’d want to check the load profile (how much work was actually happening – such as user calls, executes, transactions), then see what other time was lost just below the “Top 5” – where, for example, are the disk read times ?

1386862634 ----|       |      perfstat

report, section by section. the pctfree on the table. Configuring Database Space Requirements for Statspack, Statspack Supplied Scripts and Documentation, "Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostics Pack", Configuring the Amount of Data Captured in Statspack, Managing and Sharing Statspack Performance Data, Oracle Real Application Clusters Considerations with Statspack, "Setting the Level of Statistics Collection", "Changing the Default Values for Snapshot Levels and SQL Thresholds", Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Administration, Scripts for Statspack Installation and Removal, Scripts for Statspack Reporting and Automation, Scripts for Statspack Performance Data Maintenance. Not quite sure about that, especially after reading following thread in asktom: Seine Größe und die seiner Datafiles wieder zu verringern, ist nicht immer einfach. corresponding STATSPACK tables. RBS No      Gets        true with STATSPACK that measuring things over too long of a period tends to level them The default behavior is to not gather session level statistics. SQL> desc v$sysstat; and Execute to Parse. 16,811       Ist es dennoch passiert, so lassen sich die Einstellungen zwar schnell ändern. TYPICAL: Bei dieser Einstellung werden typische Statistiken für das Monitoring erzeugt. 0.01                  1,571           UNIX Oracle their Oracle

Here’s an extract of an AWR (automatic workload repository) snapshot published some time ago on the Internet, along with the text describing why it’s worth seeing. features. Of course, you can selectively delete rows from STATSPACK. Id     Snap Time      Sessions Curs/Sess

which is FIFO (first in, first out).

– the log writer clears the buffer and puts me back on the run queue

How can you figure out the average times for writes (m/s) ?

|   HASH initrans and/or maxtrans to allow multiple ITL slots and/or by increasing You can change the amount of information gathered by specifying a different snapshot level. --------------- ------------ -------------- ------ -------- --------- ---------- Unlike BSTAT/ESTAT, which can by its nature only compare two static data points, the report can compare any two snapshots specified.

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