Improved the QuantumChest Code a large bit (as suggested by mistaqur via PM one week ago). Fixed NEI-Crash with the most recvent Version. To create enough Si-Cells for a Solarpanel just put a Stack of Sand into a powered Industrial Centrifuge, then put four Empty Cells into the top left input slot, and wait a short duration. Coalfuel and Biofuel Cells of IC² also a +25% bonus and you get the Cells back. It is something like a Cover and Upgrade Holder with Energy Output. produced as a byproduct of centrifuging Uranium, these cells produce 50% as much EU as Uranium, but spread over a 2.5 times longer lifetime.

When Minecraft is updated, all mods need to be re-updated by their authors and sometimes need to be re-downloaded and placed into the folder, you may also need to download the latest version of mod loader, because Mojang obfuscates the source of the mod when minecraft updates. Its new so it can have Bugs.

Changed GUI of the Advanced Regulator a bit. Now that Dragon Egg duping is no longer possible using Pistons, I can safely add this.

This Device can also charge your Armor if you stand close to it. Added the Gemdusts as 50000-Amplifier for the Massfabrication. It has Bugfixes and two new intressting Modes for the Computercube. You usually get any Containers or empty Crystals back.

Added Configuration Options for Hardcore Players, to decrease the maximum StackSize of Ores, Wood/Saplings and Planks. As of 1.5.X the Fusion Reactor is no longer working the same way. It spawns especially in the upper Layers and you won't find it when Diamond Mining. Think twice before trying to move your Base, as you may get exploded, when doing something wrong (and ONLY when doing something wrong! It was provided by the Minecraft development team in order to assist the community.[2]. Have you ever wondered how can I download Addons for Minecraft PC? First it emits a packet of 32 EU, then 128, 512, 2048 and 8192 EU, which will fry pretty much every Cable and detonate any Machine connected to said Cable.

Just click OK, you don't need to bother with anything else. Force update.

Added support for Gravisuite-Components (as soon as Sentimel updates it ofcourse). Railcrafts Steel Tools and Armors are ofcourse included, via Oredict. Do you wonder about how to get Si-Cells? You can add multiple ones if you want, but that won't do anything important, other than being able to access the Machine from another Side as well. 11/20/2012 V2.08d Both Outputs are also outputting EU like with any other Automationdevice. Lithium has also a new use for Re-Batteries. They however need Maintenance as they have spare Parts like Turbine Rotors. Added ElectricSorter.

= 32000EU, Fuelcans of IC² = +25% of the normal Burnvalue for regular Generators. There is a Copy slot on the Top right to select the Component you want to place. So send your 1000000EU/p from the Fusionreactor down this line.

WARNING: All the electric Machines are quite fragile. But Gregorius, my Cables cant handle that amount of Energy! Runs on: Buildcraft Fuel (called Diesel), Forestry Biofuel (called Bio Diesel), IC²-Biofuel, IC²-Coalfuel, and the Nitro-Fuels.

Its used instead of the Extractor for gathering Elementcells.

And I won't add automatic Maintenance). 9. ), You may be adding new entities to your worlds, so if you ever have to remove the mods (say because of a. Basically what that means is that it changes words like "recipe" to words like "bf" (for the technically minded, all class names, variable names and identifiers are turned into one to three letter nonsense names).

I tested it right before the release! Now 25 Million EU per strike instead of The integrated NEI-Plugin shows the exact Fuel Values inside the Generators for the diffrent Liquids/Items.
You might need to hold multiple ones, while rightclicking to upgrade a Machine, and the Machine needs to have the previous Coil-Upgrade before getting to a higher Tier. Normal = anything=>8192 (must be tested a bit more, but doesnt crash). Maximum Inputvoltage depends on the amount of LESU-Blocks too, but is capped at 512EU/t. 12/22/2012 V2.70b Also already fixed in 1.15c, try updating. Fixed some accidently overloaded recipes of Thermal Expansion. 1/28/2013 V2.77g, Fixed Blaze-Reactors in two Ways: note: You can use MCPatcher to do some or all of this work for you! You can grab the output at any Side you want, without having to worry about extracting the Input! This is the wiki dedicated to providing fan content and stories to for the Minecraft world! Pyrite spawns in Hell biomes (Nether or Mystcraft Hell worlds) and has a gaussian random rarity, so you can find chunks with craptons of it and chunks with just 2 ores per vein.

Please feel free to add to anything! That was the use for Gold i was looking for. Here is almost all information about my devices, and materials. EU/t and Redstoned = anything=>1000000EU/t.

As soon as one gets removed without using a Wrench (no 100%-Mode needed, it won't explode if the Wrench fails) it explodes. This Mode converts Ingots, Dusts and Gems from any other Mod into the GregTech/IC²-Variant of it (Only if there is one).

Added uses for Blazepowder, Netherwart, Terrawart and Enderpearls, 10/20/2012 V1.33b 2/9/13 V2.78h, Fixed the wrongly placed Slots inside the Inventory Manager (tons of Code were just copypasted), Fixed Electric Regulator, as it behaved as crappy as the Redpower Regulator... (and yes I just said that the Redpower Regulator doesnt properly regulate, no matter which combination of Settings and Items I put into, nor if its In-Line or directly attached). Added the Translocator. This Version will be upwardscompatible. but in SMP does not update the gui But it does work still. Added GUI to the Pump. 1/23/2013 V2.77c - Is the mod made for your current version of Minecraft? I also moved the constant Energy requirement into that Section. Most work with the following Concept: Top/Bottom = Primary Input 11/25/2012 V2.51d Blutricity Converter (planned, but only if/when Eloraam permits it). So you have to create new Controllerblocks every 2-Billion-EU. Added a new End-Ore.

Also you could disable my Musicdisc-Fix for Dungeonchests, Here are a few Features of special Blocks/Items ", "Re-re-discussing the naming. All of these files inside of minecraft.jar that make it run are run through a process called "obfuscation". But first, test cases.

Added compatiblity for Liquid UUM at the UUM-Assembler. If you click with another Item than a Screwdriver on the middle, then it will set the Frequency to a Number, which is specific to the Item.

For the 1.05a Version i made the LESU's Voltage dependant on the amount of LESU-Blocks around it, so that you can actually reach 512 EU/t.

It will need 40,000,000EU (4 full MFSUs!) Not Google Chrome but Chrome the Metal! 12/23/2012 V2.71a All add-ons needed for the map are automatically downloaded and integrated into the world after purchase, when downloading.

Changed the Quantum Chest Texture, to look more like the old Personal Safe (before the awesome Safe Model).

It needs Platinum Ingots instead of Thaumium Ingots if Thaumcraft isn't installed. NEW: The electric Buffer! Including some for filling Fuelcans with Coalfuel, Biofuel, BC-Oil and BC-Fuel. 10/14/2012 V1.29b
9/24/2012 V1.13a ), Expensive Nuke (Disables the regular Nuke recipe by default. In this example, rename "1.8.3" to "1.8.3_Modded". :D. It is a Buffer with two Outputfacings.

Added Biomes of Twilight Forest (almost wanted to say "Twilight Forestry"), to my Worldgen Lists. Basically you can manage the In and Outputs of up to four attached Machines when using it properly. Or to quote myself in the Chat after don't getting it to regulate (btw it worked fine in 1.2.5): Open the minecraft jar using archive manager or similar. (I had internal Problems, which I fixed somehow hardcoded), 12/16/2012 V2.60c

This makes LV carrying Glassfibre (in comparsion to Copper Cables) even more dangerous, as the Cable gets fried at 2048 and not 128 EU (what would prevent any other Explosion Reaction).

Just put it in here and apply the proper 128EU/t (Machine accepts up to 128EU/p).

Added green Sapphire to the Drops of regular Sapphireore.

Knowing which mods conflict with each other and which do not. than Blulectricity.

Welcome, Visitor (please join us), to The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki, the official public wiki for everything related to the Lord of the Rings Mod.

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