When I am just moving the tip around in air, I generally will use “F100” as the rate I move. When not running a program, you can type G-Code commands into the MDI field for immediate execution.

This is another reason I dislike using G00 for MDI work. The idea is to enter g-codes on a line which are executed immediately by the machine–you don’t have to write an entire g-code program when a line or two will suffice.

We’ll get to our g-code cheat sheet for you shortly, but let me finish setting the stage first.

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There are two approaches and each one involves a “mode”. This is an easy way to go somewhere you didn’t expect. Z0.5”. You want to move the cutter tip to that location, but a little above the work as you’re not ready to cut yet.

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If you select “M-Code” (or type “Ctrl+M” for M-Code on the keyboard), you’ll get the Wizard for entering M-Codes: Each code is called out with a description of what it does….

You just type in your line of g-code, press a button, and the machine executes it. Learn more. But wait, there’s one thing missing. Select the entity, either from the frontend or by clicking the info button next to the entity in the Developer Tools “States” tab. Contribute to tchapi/markdown-cheatsheet development by creating an account on GitHub. GW Editor has what’s called Conversational Programming. Speaking of Speeds, it’s time to set the spindle rpm. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page.

Learn to use touch offs and an edge finder to precisely locate the tool just as you would with your manual machine.

Congratulations, you’ve just learned your first g-code and it was pretty obvious. For example, the Toolbar groups different G-Code functions you can select for entry: The buttons to the right of “Insert” trigger the various code insertion Wizards…. So far we have only considered G-Codes from the Motion category, G00 and G01, but there are many more and we’ll be going through all of them.

You can customize the look and feel of your front page by altering some of these parameters. By mastering those 9 simple g-codes I mentioned and a feature called MDI that we’ll cover shortly, you can tell your “power feed” exactly what coordinate to stop on. They’re real time savers, but it gets even better.

You can do anything on your CNC that the manual machinist can and often faster once you know how….

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