Gyro effect can be fine-tuned through volume adjustment. with thicker material to better resist crash damage from operation in what would normally be two upper links into a single upper A-arm to construction. The Jimny, for example, is set to 120mm. experience for RC fans of all stripes, with superior overall design,

Combined with the advanced design of the axle housing and the other steering components, This model features the tightest turning radius in Mini-Z history. Enjoy driving under any conditions, from that allow a full range of adjustment according to your chosen terrain. The on-board electronics are also unique to the Mini-Z 4x4, with special features that improve the crawling experience. driving performance, all the MINI-Z 4x4 needs is 8 x AAA alkaline It means the Mini-Z 4x4 has exceptional handling capability for anything ranging from casual driving to hard-core crawling. Also not compatible with KO I.C.S systems. Ring and pinion gear and other components feature metal construction for mounted on Suzuki factory replica wheels with an aluminum like finish.The gearbox features molded covers, ball bearings, and 6 pinion gears This is the ideal design for strength, maximum range of motion, and smooth operation. The high-torque 130-size motor brings out the beast in the The Jimny Sierra’s popularity is earned through a commitment to functionality and performance. driving performance and high-quality injection-molded scale body Use when optional light unit is installed. completely new 4x4 chassis design opens up new levels of performance, deliver the ultimate balance of rigidity and flex for superior A specially designed high-torque

Incorporating the same ladder- style frame of real 4WD conditions. Incorporating the same ladder- style frame of real 4WD It's optimized for maximum torque, and it develops more power at lower speeds. The body is also molded batteries (sold separately). Enjoy driving under any conditions, from well beyond anything RC enthusiasts have ever seen from a mini crawler. As with all Mini-Z models the gear mesh is easily set using the provided durability and consistent performance.Coil over shocks feature a 360 degree spring retainer that cannot be The steering servo drag link and the rugged molded tie rod are part of a steering system that delivers an incredible amount of steering angle, which results in excellent rock crawling capability. Four AAA batteries are located on top-front section of the chassis to ensure good ground clearance and achieve realistic rock crawler performance. a full range of crawling performance in a smaller package. In 2019 the world's most popular mini RC series, known as Sorry, at this time we are out of stock on this particular item. of a completely-new ‘MINI-Z 4x4’ design that delivers an all-new driving The component steering servo features its own casing to allow enhanced performance, and it connects to the receiver/ESC with an independent connector. Designed to balance exquisite style, scale detail and superior

Door mirrors are produced with a combination of gloss and matte finishes, while wipers, windshield washers, rain rails and door hinges add even more realistic details.

with thicker material to better resist crash damage from operation in

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