In addition, the exhaust's shape provides slim ergonomics and more ground clearance, while a perforated inner silencer tube works with lighter damping material for efficient and durable noise reduction.

You know what that means: more comfort, less fatigue, bigger smiles. The KTM 250 EXC TPI employs the KTM-developed DDS clutch (damped diaphragm steel) with a wear-free steel basket, extremely heat resistant clutch plates and nitrated steel liners.

Wet, DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics. The aluminum spoke nipples feature an innovative design, which conveniently reduces the frequency with which the spokes need to be tightened. Light operation and a 'telepathic' level of control come standard with this hydraulic Brembo actuated clutch. Another highlight of the 250 EXC TPI transmission is the no-dirt gear shifter. It is fitted with an integrated fuel pump system and a fuel level sensor.

Also, the cold start system provides a better supply of extra air when opening a bypass. ktmのエンデューロモデルは2020年機種でチェンジ。そのなかでも目玉なのが、2ストロークの150がキャブから燃料噴射になり生まれ変わったこと。それはどんなバイクなのか、乗った感想をわかりやすく … By using CFD technology (computational fluid dynamics) together with a clever coolant circuit routing, the innovative system ensures the optimum engine temperature for the highest performance, no matter what the conditions. Above all, the delta distributor, integrated into the frame triangle, features a large center tube, making the coolant flow from the cylinder head to the radiators highly efficient.

The ECU defines the ignition timing while the amount of fuel to inject is based on several sensor readings such as intake air pressure, throttle position and water temperature plus a new additional ambient air pressure sensor. To accommodate the power requirements of the engine management system, the TPI models are fitted with a powerful 196 W alternator and a voltage regulator. The settings keep the front end higher in the stroke, providing impressive reserves against bottoming out. Using engine speed and throttle position sensor data, the engine management's precise electronic control of the oil pump ensures that the ideal amount of oil for any given conditions is used. ktmの新しい2ストエンジンを搭載した、2018年のエンデューロモデル250 exc tpiと300 exc tpiが発表され、写真が公開されています。 排ガス規制をパスする為にfi化された2ストエンジン。 新しいfiのトランスファーポートインジェクション(tpi)を搭載しています。 Pre-mixing 2-stroke fuel is a thing of the past for KTM EXC TPI owners. The ¼‐turn bayonet filler cap makes for quick and easy closure. The goal is traction, but without compromising durability.

Thanks to altitude and temperature compensation the rider does not need to worry about fiddling around with the jetting anymore. The downstream injection guarantees excellent atomization of the fuel with the upstreaming air. 昨日のKTM&ハスクバーナのエンデューロモデル試乗会の画像や動画を整理していたら、ちょっと長いけどオチ付きのNG動画を発見。撮影のスタートポイントに戻る途中、「ゴープロの録画ボタン押したっけ?」なんて考えてたら、なんてことないところで足元をすくわれた(笑)。こかしたマシンはもちろん新型のKTM 250EXC TPI 。,, 紹介した製品に関して、メーカーやショップへ問い合わせをする際は「タンデムスタイルの記事を見た」とお口添えいただけますと、我々はもっと面白い記事を作ることができるようになります!, SUZUKI GSX-R1000R ABS:驚くのは、バンク中にできた計器を確認する圧倒的余裕, Husqvarna Motorcycles TE250i:“タメ”が作れて難所に効くハスクのしなやかな足まわり.

The durable in-mold graphics convey the READY TO RACE character of the KTM EXC model line. The KTM 250 EXC TPI cylinder has a bore of 66,4 mm and is fitted with a sophisticated power valve, which provides really smooth and controllable power characteristics. Copyright 2020 KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH, all rights reserved.

The KTM 250 EXC TPI is fitted with a robust 6-speed transmission made by PANKL Racing Systems. When it comes to power delivery and performance, the exhaust plays a key role and packs a punch that is hard to beat. The settings on the XPLOR PDS shock provide impressive damping characteristics and match the frame and front-end set-up perfectly. タイヤも公道走行用タイヤ、サスはサグ出しもしてません!(お客様のはしっかり整備させていただきます。(笑)), 250EXC TPIが勝たせてくれました。本当にKTMの実戦でのポテンシャルの高さを再確認させられました。.

For the EFI application the cylinder features two lateral domes which hold the fuel injectors that supply fuel to the rear transfer ports. The silencer features a compact shape and end cap with internal designs individually developed for each model, while it is mounted using an aluminum mounting bracket. A diaphragm spring also leaves sufficient space for a damping system to be integrated into the clutch hub. The filler cap assembly for the oil tank is located between the fuel tank and steering head, utilizing a hose in the upper frame tube to transfer the oil to the storage container. This includes hydro-formed elements produced by state-of-the-art robot welding.

Additionally, the fuel line features a 90° connector to the tank for better protection against damage. Besides the renowned benefits of excellent fuel efficiency, clean exhaust emissions and the removed need for jetting, the  KTM 250 EXC TPI features a dynamic, lightweight frame. The radiators also feature special protectors that don't only serve as protection from flying rocks and debris but also as a brace that disperses energy around the radiators in the event of an impact. Last but not least the models allow the use of a more widely available type of traditional spark plug. This makes the pipe much stronger, with better resistance against rocks, while also helping to reduce noise drastically. The WP XPLOR shock absorber is the key element on the proven PDS rear suspension design (progressive damping system), where the shock is directly linked to the swingarm without an additional linkage system. The design allows for optimal shaft arrangements close to the center of gravity, resulting in ideal mass centralization and easier ride-ability. The same as can be found on the EXC-F 4-stroke models. It is fully adjustable, including high and low-speed compression, so you can set the shock up to suit any track, trail and rider preferences. ktm 250 exc sixdays tpi をチョイスされ、主にプロテクター的なパーツを中心に パーツを取り付けました。 先ずは全体の仕上がりの感じです。 サスペンションは基本ノーマルで、前後共にスプリングレートを1ランク柔らかい物に 交換しました。 In addition, a mesh filter helps prevent dirt getting into the oil pump. Similar to the footpeg design, it prevents the build-up of dirt and ensures the next gear is always available, no matter what the conditions. The subframe is made of extra-light and stable aluminum profiles, weighing less than 900 gr, providing great rear fender stability. With an average fuel-to-oil ratio of 1:80, the oil capacity of about 0.7 liters is sufficient for at least five tanks of fuel. Plus, the engine covers feature a smart surface structure which reduces wear caused by the rider's boots, keeping them looking as fresh as the day you bought your EXC. Mounted below the oil tank, the oil pump delivers the lubricant directly to the throttle body, where it is mixed with the incoming air to lubricate the piston and crankshaft. All EXC models are fitted with the latest 48 mm diameter WP XPLOR upside-down forks, featuring a split fork design developed by WP and KTM. © 2020 CRETE Co.,Ltd.

The 250cc 2-stroke engine has plenty power and torque, but remains light enough for riders to muscle their way through the toughest obstacles.

Fitted with forged triple clamps with an offset of 22mm, ensuring a solid grip of the fork and precise handling.

The engine management system (EMS) of the TPI models features a control unit located below the seat. All rights reserved.

** Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), the actual sale prices can vary. Maintaining the optimal engine temperature is crucial to ensuring consistent horsepower throughout the ride. The handlebar allows for four different positions.

Manufactured using see‐through plastic, you will always be able to see how much fuel remains at a glance. The compact and lightweight 2-stroke is a great choice for offroad riders who want usable enduro performance that is ready to conquer in the most extreme terrain. 250exc tpiが勝たせてくれました。 本当にKTMの実戦でのポテンシャルの高さを再確認させられました。 フルモデルチェンジな2020年モデルのEXCシリーズ、フレームの剛性アップなど小さいことから大きいことまでアップデートポイントは上げきれませんが、毎年更に良くなってくるKTM. The new generation KTM 250 EXC TPI is the ultimate combination of power and rideability and sets a clear benchmark for intuitive handling, unique style and top performance. You couldn't brake any harder or with better feel on an offroad motorcycle. While each side is fitted with springs, they have separate damping functions. もちろん4サイクルは4サイクルの良さがあるのでお好みによりけりだと思いますが、今まではビギナーの方が初のレーサーを買われる時は4ストか150xc-wあたりをオススメしてきましたが、これだけマップセレクターでマイルドにできるなら250exc tpiはビギナーの方にもオススメできます! The airflow is regulated by a butterfly connected with a twin-cable throttle cam, which is operated by the handlebar throttle assembly. 秀逸なデザインと超馬力を兼ね備えた昨今注目されている素晴らしいバイクです。マニアなら喉から手が出るほど欲しいとされるこのktmの250excですが、どのような性能を備えているのか、今回は詳しく見ていこうと思います。 The KTM 250 EXC TPI cylinder has a bore of 66,4 mm and is fitted with a sophisticated power valve, which provides really smooth and controllable power characteristics. フルモデルチェンジな2020年モデルのEXCシリーズ、フレームの剛性アップなど小さいことから大きいことまでアップデートポイントは上げきれませんが、毎年更に良くなってくるKTM. With its race-proven geometries and optimal stiffness, the frame provides great feedback for the rider, playful handling and remarkable stability. Compression damping is on the left and the rebound on the right. The compact engine cases are manufactured using a high pressure die-cast production process which helps with weight reduction, while retaining strength and durability. The 250 cc and 300 cc models feature HD exhaust pipes (heavy-duty) made by using an innovative 3D stamping process which produces a ribbed surface finish.

キャブのように低速がスカスカでパワーバンドに入った瞬間パワーがドッカン!というピーキーな扱い辛さはなく、トコトコ走りもちゃんとこなしてくれて、アクセルをがば開けすればしっかり2stらしいパワー!, 文字にして伝えるのは本当に苦手ですが、そんな2020年モデル250EXC TPIのおかげでレース活動を辞めてから全然バイクに乗らなくなってしまった僕がいきなり出た3時間のエンデューロで優勝という結果でマシンのポテンシャルの高さをお伝えします^^, もともとお客様からも燃費の良さは好評で、街乗りでリッター30kmを超えると聞いていました。, さすがにレースではアクセルをガバ開けするのでそこまで燃費がいいわけではありませんが。。, それも今回のハッピーエンデューロはJNCCのように2時間半でトップのライダーにラスト1周を出すやり方と違い、きっちり3時間でのチェッカー。, 僕がキャブ車のKTM 200 EXCでJNCCの3時間に出場したときは、最低でも1回の給油はしないと走り切れませんでした。, 2020MY EXCシリーズ、バリバリ走られる方にもオフロードに挑戦してみたい初心者の方にも胸を張ってオススメできます!もっと聞きたい方は店に遊びに来てください^^.

The airbox on the KTM 250 EXC TPI ensures optimal flow dynamics, and together with the intake snorkels, results in optimal power and throttle response. The handlebars come standard with an ODI vulcanized grip on the right side and a comfortable ODI lock-on grip, which does not require any wire or glue, on the left. Thus, the loss of unburnt fuel is minimal for less emissions, a more efficient combustion and reduced fuel consumption.

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