Download Now! The application contains an efficient network scanner, which automatically detects working IP cameras and connects them to the application. All rights reserved. • Cross platform support for all your mobile devices. IP Camera Viewer allows you to set up a system that suits your needs. With this program, you can monitor IP cameras directly from the window of your computer. IP Camera Viewer's centralized camera and layout management allows you to view your cameras from multiple remote locations on a single screen. Copyright © 2017-2020 Perfect Surveillance Software, Sirene, email or SMS alerts available for motion detection. So what are you waiting for? IP Camera Viewer has a software motion detector that activates the siren (sound from the speaker) in case of detection of movement in the monitoring area. You can control and view up to 4 camera feeds simultaneously. Virtually all USB cameras work with IP Camera Viewer. • Home screen and lock screen widgets. Upgrade inside app or download Pro version to unlock: • No ads. Use any USB or IP camera is to keep an eye on your home, office, parking area or anywhere you need security. What if your camera is mounted upside-down or its preview is tilted a bit? It's absolutely free and ideal for both personal and business use. So what are you waiting for? IP Camera Viewer provides a digital zoom, even if it is not supported by your camera. It helps you to adjust the coverage area by supporting many PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) enabled network cameras. Remote monitoring through Internet and PTZ control are also supported. Support For Automatic Reconnect Of A Dropped Connection, Adjust Orientation Of Preview From 1 to 360°, Schedule Monitoring To Start And Stop Automatically On A Daily, Weekly, One-Time Or On Application Launch, Monitor, Record And Broadcast Multiple Cameras Simultaneously, Automatically Cycle Among Multiple Camera Preview Displays, Each Camera Has Individual Settings And Alerts, Automatically Reconnect Or Refresh Camera Preview, Masking To Exclude An Area From Motion Detection, Automatically Log All Events With Time Stamp, Adjust Video Quality (Frame Size, Frame Rate, Bandwidth), Buffers Video Feeds, So That Recordings Begin Before Motion Is Detected, Adjust Camera Properties Of Individual IP Cameras, Adjust Video And Camera Properties Of Individual Webcams, Automatically Connect And Start Actions When Windows Is Started, Start Actions Automatically On Reconnect Of Dropped Connection, Multiple Text And Image Labels On Recordings And Photos, Show Alert Notification When Application Minimized, Run The Application In Hidden Mode With Applied Actions, Prevent Computer Entering Sleep Or Stand By Mode When Application Is Launched, Disable Screen Saver When Application Is Running, Automatically Upload Video Recording And Photos To A Server, Optimize Storage By Only Uploading Clips Triggered By Specific Actions, Change Size Or Append Name of Photo Before Uploading, Control and view up to 4 camera feeds simultaneously, Support for 2200 camera models and counting, Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) support for many network cameras, Digitally zoom, even if your camera does not support it, Capture JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 stream from IP cameras, Export and Import cameras with individual settings. You can change the arrangement and preview layout of the cameras, for your security needs. Installed it on my PC, entered all IP-Cam data, and the system worked flawless! IP Camera Viewer allows you to view live video from your USB or IP cameras on your PC. • Record mode for 24/7 recording of all cameras. Google playから「ipcamviewer」を検索すると、上から順に「IP Cam Viewer Pro」、「IP Cam Viewer Lite」、「IP Cam Viewer Basic」が表示されると思います。 「IP Cam Viewer Basic」のインストールをタップ アプリのアクセス権限を確認して同意するをタップ インストールが自動的に始まります これで「IP Cam Viewer Basic」のインストールは完了 Also the program is able to notify you of an incident via message sent to your e-mail, or sms sent to your cell phone. 11/21/2019 - IP Camera Viewer 4.6 released. I wish I found this sooner, it would have saved me uncounted hours with the built-in • Scan camera capability for automatic driver selection. • In-app motion detection. 8/10 (15 点) - Android IP Cam Viewerを無料ダウンロード IP Cam Viewerはたとえ家にいなくても他の場所から家で何が起きているかを知ることができますので、是非ともこのアプリを利用してね. It allows you to individually configure video properties such as resolution and frame rate for USB cameras. Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated. Congratulations, this is a great software for everybody with a security camera. IP Camera Viewer 無料ダウンロード。 IP Camera Viewer 4.09: あなたのIPアドレスのための無料ビデオ録画ソフトウェア. Currently more than 2000 different IP camera models from leading camera manufactures are supported. Make the live video clearer by adjusting camera image and video properties. client on my IP camera! With IP Camera Viewer you can adjust the orientation of your camera preview. You can send a request to our technical team if your camera or model is not listed in our application. The function of sending SMS alert is especially useful, because you receive a notification instantly. Set up an effective video monitoring system within minutes! With IP Camera Viewer you can adjust the orientation of your camera preview. The initial installation of the program will not cause any problems, as well as the adding IP cameras to the program. Get a live preview from multiple cameras with this light-weight application. • 2-way audio and background audio support for many devices. If motion is detected, program makes snapshots and saves files to any local folder, or on a cloud; Motion detection recording saves space by only recording when something is happening; Configure scheduler for automatic video monitoring and recording; Video recording scheduling for the definite days of the week or certain dates; Play recorded videos with ease, using integrated media player; Filter records by type, camera, date, media format; View live video flow from the surveillance cameras in your browser; Configure it to work in local network or through Internet; Protect access with username and password. You can set image properties such as saturation, brightness, contrast for USB and IP Cameras. It helps you to … Perfect IP Camera Viewerのバージョン4.5に関する変更ログ情報はまだありません。出版社がこの情報を公開するのに時間がかかる場合がありますので、数日後にもう一度チェックして更新されたかどうかを確認した後、 アンケートにお答えいただけますか? Perfect IP Camera Viewer is an easy-to-use yet powerful video surveillance software. Download Perfect IP Camera Viewer for free! It is 100% safe! View video from multiple IP cameras directly to your computer. It includes Axis, Canon, D-Link, Foscam, Panasonic, Mobotix, Pixord, Sony, Toshiba, Vivotek and many more. IP Cam Viewerを使用すると家にいなくても家や他の場所で何が起きているかを知ることができます。 Subscribe to our newsletter for new product releases, critical updates, and special offers.

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