( Log Out /  |. Microsoft makes FSLogix available at no additional cost to users who meet certain requirements. UPDs store the user data in a VHD(X), which is then mounted into the respective user session. Azure File Share (SMB) - User Auth I am going to be doing some in-depth testing with REFS and Azure Files based replication and see how it plays.
FSLogix stores the VHD(X)s in directories whose name comprises the SID and the username by default. The rest of the engine is all about the cache. FSLogix doesn’t change the game when using VHDLocations regarding Active-Active architectures for solutions such as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and the same rules apply that would to any profile solution, the key here is architecting around this limitation in a supported fashion – probably a dedicated write up by itself at some point. Roaming profiles, the proprietary Windows technology for transferring profiles between different computers, come with some well-known limitations. Cloud Cache places a portion of the profile VHD on the local hard drive. 4. Replication – Locally-redundant storage (LRS) I had the pleasure of working with a great customer on a good scale deployment where many of these lessons were learned on the fly, so if you are reading this, kudos for being on the edge and pushing through the learnings. When setting HealtyProvidersRequiredForRegister to anything other than 0, then PreventLoginWithFailure and/or PreventLoginWithTempProfile should be used in order to create the desired user experience.

Cloud Cache is a technology that provides incremental functionality to Profile Container and Office Container.

If all remote Providers are stale, the Provider with the latest meta data is considered the source of truth. Just for clarification we are having these issues with an Azure Storage account config: Performance/Access tier Premium/Hot The list is short and includes details about the improved integration with Teams. CCDLocations and VHDLocations may not both be present at … Most of all, mobile users benefit from this feature. However, the DFS namespace controls where that data lands and in which order. Write operations are always performed first against these local copies, which are then synchronized to all configured VHD(X). Because the FSLogix solutions use a Filter Driver to redirect the profile, applications don't recognize that the profile is on the network. CCDUnregisterTimeout is set to specify the number of seconds to wait prior to allowing a user session to be closed, even if a successful flush to a Cloud Cache provider has not occurred. So what’s the user users profile: Entire User Profile is redirected; Outlook cache is redirected (6 months) INSTRUCTIONAL FOR ALL DISK REGISTER/UNREGISTER SETTINGS.

The second option is FSLogix Cloud Cache, an emerging capability which promises the holy grail of Active-Active profile locations. We currently have 25-30 users in our new environment. Azure Files offers a perfect repository for storing Containers, reducing technical debt and providing immense scale. I have no idea on the “why” of this one, but when using RW disks with Azure Files (mode 1 or mode 3), we found there is massive tax on performance and IOPS. The Proxy File contains no data, it's a placeholder for the Cloud Cache system.

yeah it sounds a little strange – I am not all that familiar with the blob stores, wondering if there are other limits being hit – escalate button with microsoft i would say , Hi, This should reduce the number of images necessary for virtual desktops. If you don’t do this, you will have no Cloud Cache log files under c:\programdata\fslogix\logs and be simply stuck with the transactional log under c:\program files(x86)\fslogix\apps\, Everyone should consistently go back and read, Citrix Workspace Environment Management Service has a, Azure Files timeouts on first load. The reason for this is Azure Files specific and detailed in the next section. Storage that is appropriate for the Local Cache file will have performance and availability characteristics similar to higher performing local storage. Redirect user profiles to a network location using Profile Container.

1: REASON_NOT_IN_WHITE_LIST Finally, you can save the search index in the container so that it is immediately available the next time the user logs on.

From what you have stated, Azure Files would not add any value, as in case higher I/O switchback to Direct Access is required. If a user accesses a system where it's desirable to have the Local Cache file deleted when they sign out, set ClearCacheOnLogoff to 1. Is storing FSLogix in Azure Storage account(blobs) a poor decision due to some sort of performance or scalability issue? Cloud Cache allows for the consumption of Azure Blobs via Azure Storage Accounts. If the update installation fails or Windows is unable to boot with Blue Screen error, you can use the Windows. So having FSLogix Cloud Cache you cannot write/read to 2 Azure sites, which would be proper DR approach if it worked. Using CcdMaxCacheSizeinMBs increases storage IO and Network traffic. I intend for this article to be updated regularly with findings and learnings and as always welcome feedback and input, Infrastructure Consultant focused on Microsoft, Citrix, Cloud and Mobility Solutions in Sydney, Australia This allows user data to be recovered from the local cache, if desired, however, the local cache file must then be managed (deleted) manually, after user data is retrieved. Hi James — you mention that the Cloud Cache option: ‘Impact on PVS and MCS IO capabilities may be considerable’. We’ve hit some sort of quota issue with FSLogix profiles stored in Azure Storage accounts.
I don’t know where to start. Your email address will not be published. e. The least time duration that we can set for a Cloud storage dehydration threshold in Storage Sense is 1 day or 24 hrs. System will need to wait till user login back satisfying 24 hr duration for One Drive cache to get cleared up. Cloud Cache makes the user profiles accessible from outside the company network when they are stored on Azure. Read 4sysops without ads and for free by becoming a member! Just thinking on how to do it without impacting profiles.

FSLogix allows for multiple paths to be defined to allow for failover should one location be unavailable. Cloud Cache also allows the use of multiple remote locations, which are all continually updated during the user session. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Furthermore, your mileage on the above may vary depending on your specific use cases and requirements. The IOPS figures on both the local machine and the Storage Account seem to go through the roof. A Cloud Cache Provider has both the profile container and associated metadata, a traditional VHDLocation has only the profile container. The default setting is 1, meaning that at least one remote Cloud Cache provider is required for the user to sign-out. If you invoke DR against your secondary CC location (think isolated DR testing), you may well impact your primary storage repository once connectivity is brought back online as the metadata in the secondary location is more recent than the primary, Division of Profile and Office Container is a constant discussion point.

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