In part, this vividness reveals itself through the sensation of clarity and separation in the midrange. With its advanced technology, the AudFree Spotify to FiiO Downloader saves the ID3 tags of the songs and let you customize the output parameters. I bash, poke it and play it tough because thats how we roll with DAPs. Disclaimer: The sample of the Fiio M7 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for this review. Additionally, the FiiO M7 has a special packaging technology which fits storage, power management, and memory chips into a super super small package (about 40% smaller than if the chips were packaged separately). No. I have tried mine with 3 different cables and get nothing at all. I like to play Spotify on Fiio music player and I'm subscribing to Spotify Premium. The M7 is FiiO's first player to use Samsung's Exynos 7270 SoC (system on chip), made on the 14nm FinFET process. For the FiiO M6 and FiiO M9, this list has just been extended with Amazon Music, Radio World, SoundCloud and TuneIn Radio. The FiiO M7 is available with a 10% off coupon at Audio46 with the code “majorhifi”. The ID3 tags of the songs including title, group, year, genre, album cover, etc. What I do like about the screen design is the lack of chunky metal on the sides keeping it very slim looking. In the meantime, If you do purchase an M7, I suggest you guard the included USB-C cable with your life. 4. A detailed view of the Fiio M7 high-res digital audio player. Remember to update your DAP now to take advantage of these new features. Some other high-res players only support microSD cards up to 256GB or less. He put down a new prototype DAP on the table that looked a little different from the current line-up. I use a Shanling L2 Type-C to Micro USB cable with the HA-2SE and 7 and seems to work fine for me. Add to that the use of an ES9018Q2M and BT aptX-HD and LDAC (rated even higher at 26 hours) and on paper, this is a clear winner. First, these chips have two independent power supplies (one for the digital section and one for the analog section). As a reminder, the FiiO M7 can handle DSD256 audio stream up to 11.2 Mhz, whereas the FiiO M6 and M9 are limited to DSD64 and DSD128. Lack of balanced output hurts the playback ? We have the A35 here and the M7 is the cleaner sounding DAP. The player supports both the aptX HD and LDAC high-res streaming codecs. The music app plays files from the M7’s internal storage or inserted microSD card. You can also choose one of 4 colors currently available in red, silver, black or blue. Just make sure you have headphones plugged in before launching it. Fiio’s M7 is a perfectly-sized high-res player. Sony developed the LDAC codec, which streams high-res audio over Bluetooth at connections up to 990Kbps at sampling rates as high as 24-bits/96kHz. Storage, power management, and memory chips are part of the ARM cores. This makes the music have a greater emotional impact, a more realistic soundstage, and a tighter bass response. Opinions on Fiio v Shanling are not quite so clear. Then all you have to do is click on the notification to access the settings and start the update. Scanning on the new X1 was pretty slow by mid-fi DAP standards taking an almost glacial 10 minutes to find and categorize 2250 FLAC tracks from the SD card. That said, the brand has included a list of music apps including Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer and Roon. White list apps for M6: The M6 runs on deeply customized system. Fiio justifies the M7’s modest native storage with a microSD card expansion slot supporting cards up to 512GB. Because most of there line up didn’t get many, seems fiio pays allot for marketing but not much on keeping there devices running well, so far cayin, ibasso and even zishan had more updates and less bugs then the 2 fiio’s I have had, and you guys had gave the m3 a fairly good review but when I tried it at the store the UI was really terrible, I understand this is a bit different but a company that releases such players with so many bugs and doesn’t update or fix these problems, shouldn’t be supported in the audiophile community. The multi-stage HDI PCB inside the M7 is an ultra-thin design that combined with the SOC allows FiiO to pack in a lot more functionality into the design. And yet, this week I was inspired to take a look at a pretty affordable DAP. Disclaimer: The FiiO M7 sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. As a result, once all the instruments are in, a feeling of chaos and celebration comes through the headphones with high energy and fun! There are no balanced outputs on the M7, wait for the up and coming flagship M9 if you really need that or switch to the X3iii. FiiO M7 High Resolution Lossless Music Player with aptX, aptX HD, LDAC HiFi Bluetooth, FM Radio and Full Touch Screen (Black) … 32GB MP3 Player, Mibao MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.2, Music Player with FM Radio, Recording, 2.4" Screen, HiFi Lossless Sound, Support up to 64GB Expansion(Earphones, Sport Armband Included) The FiiO M7 is the first FiiO device released in 2018 and should suit both consumers and enthusiasts alike. Moreover, there is a micro SD card on FiiO for you to store your songs. Well, better than nothing and certainly better than the X3iii, Shanling M2s/M3s so ‘glass half empty’ or ‘glass half-full’, take your pick. The 425s are very musical and very relaxing; they simply lack a little bit of extension top and bottom. TechHive |. In THEORY it gives an advantage but in practice I have my doubts. FiiO Control APP V2.1.0 for iOS, Android device update now! The GUI (Graphic user interface) of the FiiO M7 is simple. The rest of the physical controls are to the left and top panels with playback on the left side panel (forward, back, play/pause). AptX HD and LDAC support in wireless headphones remains rare; though we’re seeing more and more models released each year.

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