To do that, add the following line of code to .vimrc. Then, speaking of the small thing, I prefer to use auto-pairs plugin. It also shows you the definition and description like this. After all, don’t you want to know what is so special about it? Well that's what I'm currently using since vim-polyglot uses yats.vim under the hood. It can be customized to match the signs used by nerdtree-git-plugin. It should look something like this: Selecting a completion option from this menu will auto-complete the text at the cursor, and additionally will import the symbol if it is not already imported. I'm using yats.vim for syntax highlighting. If the type definition is in the same file, it just brings your cursor to the definition like so. The config is here. I still missed the text editing power of vim. To get the beautiful syntax highlighting that you saw in one of the previous images, we will use a plugin called yats (Github). Then, you can jump to the location of the type definition. Many of these lists are fuzzy-searchable. ... CoC - Conquer of completion ... this one. Improve the page loading performances caused by YouTube iframes with a few simple HTML and CSS tricks. All the heavy lifting here is done by Conquer of Completion – a language server plugin for Neovim (and vim)! To set up Vim as an IDE, we will be installing quite a few Vim plugins. It is quite comprehensive! For example, vim-json plugin is loaded only when you opened a json file. I use coc.nvim for mostly everything, and vim-polyglot and coc's jsx syntax hightling improve package. To have code completion show up for TypeScript, you need to install coc-tsserver. As you may see some icons like JavaScript, folders in my terminal, I have no issues at all. As you may see, I use only vim-polyglot to highlight everything. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Open .vimrc file, and add the following block of code. To have code completion show up for TypeScript, you need to install coc-tsserver. You can use the :CocList command to see the available lists. I agree that it's pretty good for the most part except some little bugs here and there but I'm probably seeing bugs a bit more because I'm frustrated thanks to JSX / TSX ahah.

Yats provides better syntax highlight compared to all the alternatives, but Yats is also heavier compared to others. Run: So here's just a quick overview of what you can do now (key mappings should work if you copied the example configuration from the CoC Github page): Oh, and here's a handy key mapping to auto-format imports (remove unused and order): If you want the code to auto-format via prettier when you save the file, install the coc-prettier extension. But, if you see a screen like this, then you have Vim already. For syntax highlighting, I use a couple of plugins: I use prettier which is an opinionated (but configurable to some extent) formatter for many languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For the basics, I use pangloss/vim-javascript for JavaScript syntax, and leafgarland/typescript-vim. The question became: could I have the best of both worlds and get all those features (and more) in vim? I use Neovim and tmux.

""", """ You have another ts file named 'hoge' which has Book and a function named getThingsDone. The depth of configuration available with Coc makes it possible to bring in language server enhancements into your existing vim setup where you want them. I don't use any IDE like VSCode but I prefer doing things on terminal. auto-completion...hmmm...not so good. Install vim-plug by running the following command. That's pretty much it! Here is the keymaps for grep and search: What it actually does is to run an external program called ag.

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