The primary-key is also used by to help Vue optimize the rendering of table rows. Set true to show a radio. the user input first!

Bootstrap Table. Scoped slot for custom rendering of field header. Look at the table headers, you will header a sort arrow on each on mouse hover. You must properly Reference to a function to use instead of the internal filtering function. In the following example, we show two methods of toggling the visibility of the details: one via a button, and one via a checkbox. Useful when table has sticky headers or columns. Defines the unit which is used for the option width. If not defined, the width will auto expand to fit its contents. Set to, Generate a responsive stacked table. Needed for tbody transition support, and also speeds up table rendering, Currently displayed row data. While you can use regular table child elements (i.e. The internal sort-compare routine uses String.prototype.localeCompare() for comparing the stringified column value (if values being compared are not both Number or both Date types). Mat-Table Filtering. To get the styling, you’ll also need to add a class name to the table to match the theme you chose: To get the styling, you’ll also need to add a class name to the table to match the theme you chose: Make any table stacked across all viewports by setting the prop stacked to true. Set to, If the table has a caption, and this prop is set to. (*-html) can be vulnerable to In this last point, I am going to show you how to filter your mat-table. Use the named slot table-colgroup to specify and elements for optional grouping and styling of table columns. To make a column a sticky column, set the stickyColumn prop in the field's header definition.

Deleting a record from the v-model array will not remove the record from the original items array nor will it remove it from the displayed rows. For proper reactive updates to the displayed data, when not filtering you should set the filter prop to null or an empty string (and not an empty object or array). See the Complete Example below for an example of using the filter feature. Return a String and it will be appended into the detail view cell, optionally render the element directly using the third parameter which is a jQuery element of the target cell.

The props sort-by and sort-desc can be turned into two-way (syncable) props by adding the .sync modifier. Set to null to clear sorting. Mainly for use with, Classes to be applied to every row on the table. See docs for Row details support, Content to display when no items are present in the `items` array.

Use any of the standard Bootstrap theme color variants, or the special table row variant 'active' (default). See the Vue docs for details on the .sync prop modifier. When listening for row-middle-clicked events originating on elements that do not support input or navigation, you will often want to explicitly prevent other default actions mapped to the down action of the middle mouse button. Set true to select checkbox or radiobox when clicking rows. not via the toggleDetails function reference), the _showDetails properly must exist in the items data for proper reactive detection of changes to its value. If the value of the filter prop changes before this timeout expires, the filtering will be once again delayed until the debounce timeout expires. Refer to the theming section for details on customizing Bootstrap and BootstrapVue's generated CSS. Tables with sticky-header enabled will also automatically become always responsive horizontally, regardless of the responsive prop setting, if the table is wider than the available horizontal space. Use custom CSS to define classes to apply to the columns to set widths, via the. See section, The fields label value (also available as, Select all rows (applicable if the table is in, Unselect all rows (applicable if the table is in, Array of field definition objects (normalized to the array of objects format), The normalized fields definition array (in the, Function to toggle visibility of the row's details slot, Object of transition-group event handlers, String specifying the field to use as a unique row key (required), The current page number (starting from 1, the value of the, The maximum number of rows per page to display (the value of the, The current column key being sorted, or an empty string if not sorting, Used to set the `id` attribute on the rendered content, and used as the base to generate any additional element IDs as needed, Array of items to display, or an items provider function reference. Sticky columns are supported with , but you will need to set the sticky-column prop on each table cell (in the thead, tbody, and tfoot row groups) in the column that is to be sticky. Tables. How To Create An Application Using ReactJS And Redux, Prediction Using Supervised ML ( Prediction Of Marks ), Azure Data Explorer - Kusto Query - Transform Rows To Columns, Conditional Built-In Directives Like NgIf And NgSwitch - Angular, Rockin' The Code World with dotNetDave ft. Jeremy Likness - Show 5, Learning Azure Devops - Build And Release Pipeline, Building A Dashboard With ASP.NET Core And DotVVM. BootstrapVue provides additional helper child components when using , or the named slots top-row, bottom-row, thead-top, and custom-foot (all of which accept table child elements). Treat this argument as read-only. standard (or custom) Bootstrap base color variants, Bootstrap contextual state applied to individual cells. Record data may also have additional special reserved name keys for colorizing rows and individual cells (variants), and for triggering additional row detail. Optionally Scoped, Header variant: 'light' or 'dark', or unset, Footer variant: 'light' or 'dark', or unset, Applies one of the Bootstrap theme color variants to the component, Heading for the cell when in stacked mode. Optionally scoped, Fixed bottom row slot for user supplied B-TD cells.

You can use the syncable props sort-by.sync and sort-desc.sync to detect changes in sorting column and direction. Note: Field order is not guaranteed.
items is the table data in array format, where each record (row) data are keyed objects. The table header (and table footer) will be hidden. For browsers that do not support async methods, you will need to transpile your code. Specifically, BootstrapVue uses a special data attribute to create the cell's heading, of which you can supply to or via the stacked-heading prop. The custom footer will not be shown when the table is in visually stacked mode. Default is on the right of the header text, Number of rows to show per page. They also can generate the stacked table, and sticky header and column, markup. Do not set a value on this prop, Adds borders to all the cells and headers, Adds an outline border to the table element, Renders the table with smaller cell padding, Makes all columns equal width (fixed layout table). This slot is inserted before the header cells row, and is not automatically encapsulated by .. tags.

The sort-compare-options prop accepts an object containing any of the following properties: Example 1: If you want to sort German words, set sort-compare-locale="de" (in German, ä sorts before z) or Swedish set sort-compare-locale="sv" (in Swedish, ä sorts after z). Your bound variables will then be updated accordingly based on the current sort criteria. Sort Table by Clicking the Headers. Slot above the column headers in the `thead` element for user-supplied B-TR with B-TH/B-TD. Contrary to the component's name, one can create simple or complex table layouts with . For accessibility reasons (specifically for color blind users, or users with color contrast issues), it is highly recommended to always provide some other visual means of conveying that a row is selected, such as a virtual column as shown in the example below. Code licensed the original item row record data object. Features: Sorts table data alphabetically. The column options is defined in jQuery.fn.bootstrapTable.columnDefaults.. align. Example: Basic usage See docs for scoped footer, Content to display in the table's caption element, Slot to place custom colgroup and col elements. is a wrapper component around the element. exports: This plugin includes all of the above listed individual Set false to hide the columns item in card view state. The slot's scope (scope in the above example) will have the following properties: Use the sticky-header prop to enable a vertically scrolling table with headers that remain fixed (sticky) as the table body scrolls. To reverse the behavior and sort in descending direction first, set it to 'desc'. It is recommended you test your app in as many browser and device variants as possible to ensure your app handles the various inconsistencies with events.

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