You can convert a VHDX file to VHD, convert a dynamically The following settings don't affect VHD uploading. other virtualization technology.

designation could be different, depending on your settings and the number of available drives.

On the Choose an Image page, click on My Disks. It also converts the disk from a

Make sure no other application is using port 3389. You can set up the file placement as follows: If a data disk is attached to the VM, the temporal drive volume's letter is typically D. This Norwegian / Norsk Click on vmsmra.

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Also, VHD images on Azure must have a virtual size aligned to 1 MB. Le journal de vidage peut être utile pour résoudre les problèmes de blocage de Windows.The dump log can be helpful in troubleshooting Windows crash issues. Uninstall any other third-party software or driver that's related to physical components or any Open downloaded .rdp file from your local machine.

Pour plus d’informations sur la création d’une machine virtuelle à partir d’un disque généralisé, consultez la page, For more information about how to create a VM from a generalized disk, see, Bien que nous prenions en charge la propriété, Convertir le disque virtuel en disque dur virtuel de taille fixe, Convert the virtual disk to a fixed size VHD.

Avant de charger une machine virtuelle Windows locale sur Azure, vous devez préparer le disque dur virtuel (VHD ou VHDX). Connectez-vous à la machine virtuelle Windows. Click on OK. to resize.

It also converts the disk from a dynamically expanding disk to a fixed-size disk. Sysprep fournit une expérience « prête à l’emploi » en supprimant toutes les données personnelles et en réinitialisant plusieurs composants. In the Azure Portal, select Storage Accounts. Locate and select a path to save the new VHD file. Si cela n’est pas possible, assurez-vous que les mises à jour suivantes sont installées.Ideally, you should keep the machine updated to the patch level, if this isn't possible, make sure the following updates are installed.

Typically, VHDs created using Hyper-V are aligned correctly.

On the third Virtual Machine Configuration page, set the following virtual machine attributes as shown in figure. Open Hyper-V Manager and select your local computer on the left. A pop up window will open up. Check the following Azure AD policy to make sure they're not removing any of the required access current local administrator password and make sure you can use this account to sign in to Windows Si vous avez activé le chiffrement sur votre machine virtuelle, désactivez-le avant d’exécuter Sysprep. If you're providing a backup solution for IaaS VMs in Azure, we recommend using direct upload to restore customer backups to managed disks. Un fichier unattend.xml personnalisé n’est pas pris en charge.A custom unattend.xml file is not supported. Vous pouvez également examiner ces paramètres après le déploiement de la machine virtuelle dans Azure.You can also review these settings after the VM is deployed in Azure. It will first create the virtual machine, provision the virtual machine and then install extensions in the virtual machine. One of the great features of Windows Azure is VHD mobility.

Dois-je créer une machine virtuelle de génération 1 ou 2 dans Hyper-V ?

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