Linux absolutely works on asrock MBs, I can definitely assure you that :p Try not to take blank wall statements about using Win 10 personally, that's their loss. le mode S3/S4 ralentit le système et peut provoquer des blocages dûs à l'accumulation de données inutiles. Boutique ASRock; Cartes Mères. After some google searching, I came across a few similar issues for those with AsRock motherboards. Press J to jump to the feed. I assume you used the windows media creation tool right?

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And perhaps, as nobus opined, if this ASROCK MB is one of those that "put automatic any usb drive first in boot priorities", then the MB could have very well thought this was a bootable USB and "automatically" booted from it. It is so frustrating that this kind of basic functionality suddenly does not work AND they say "it is because I have no Win10 license", But "buy Win10, surf the cat videos, be happy...".

Posted in Linux, macOS and Everything Not-Windows, By Effectuez un double click sur l'icône Instant Boot, le menu Instant Boot apparaitra. Zerxal

En savoir plus sur notre politique de confidentialité Even if your computer supports USB booting, remember that USB is not always the first boot priority. J'aimerais booter sur une clé USB Dans le BIOS/UEFI il y a bien la séquence de boot mais quand je mets le lecteur USB en premier il reste une petite flèche à coté du disque dur et l'ordinateur boot sur le disque dur J'ai désactivé le secure boot mais ça ne change rien Pouvez vous m'aider Merci . Posted in Displays, Linus Media Group It is just that the bios does not agree to skip empty DVD-drive. I just built a computer and flashed the BIOS so it would support R3 3200G. Phantom775 If it does not boot, I can make another support request specifying Win10 as an OS.

À PROPOS; À propos d’ASRock; Contactez-nous; Déclaration à propos des minéraux de guerre ; INFORMATIONS; Communiqué de presse; Prix ; SUPPORT; Téléchargement; Foire Aux Questions; Support Technique ; COMMUNAUTÉ; Facebook; YouTube; Forum de discussion; Espace Presse et It's now downloading onto the usb stick. I wonder if there was someone there who would like to conduct a little test: If you have a AB350M mobo (it must be exactly that because it has been already proved that many other models work as expected), Win10 and an optical disk drive (CD, DVD or BD), set the BIOS to boot first from optical drive and as a second option Win10 from the hard drive. (p.s. It won't work if you just get the ISO on the stick, it has to be bootable too.

Pour les utilisateurs de cartes mères ASRock récentes, il est possible de bénéficier de la fonction Instant Boot. And, FWIW, if I disconnect the DVD-drive, it boots just fine. GPU workload option not showing on AMD radeon, Is Be Quiet 400W PSU enough for GTX 1660 super. When I take the DVD out and power on the machine again, it boots from the HD. Everything is working fine but I can't install Windows 10 on it. AMD Socket AM3 (Support de la mémoire DDR3), AMD Socket AM2+ / AM2 (Support des processeurs AM3 et de la mémoire DDR2). edit: Actually, in that system I had legacy boot from the beginning. So basically it doesn't skip the unmounted DVD?, If the problem persists, please update the BIOS to 3.10 and try. James Fin Mini PC. I plugged a 16GB usb stick (NTFS) with the windows iso into a rear usb port.

I have no Windows in the house. It's now downloading onto the usb stick. PCs Industriels. Now I have the DVD-drive first and the HD second in the BIOS boot priority list and there is legacy DOS partition table in the HD. Started August 31, By Yes, perfectly. Open in new window. It should work now, Hey the important thing is it works in the end, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Boot mode select.

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