2)And, please check if the external drive is disconnected or its' drive letter is changed when you back up to an external drive. After that, please try to restore again. Solution: This error usually occurs when a clone is running. Please also try to enter C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper>LoadDrv.exe command and reboot. Please check if you are backing up Bitlocker encrypted partitions. In this case, please make sure the source files/folders do exist. message during the restore process, please select the image manually to restore it. Click here to learn more details. January 2016 edited January 2016. ファイルを保存したり、開いたりした際に「巡回冗長検査(CRC)エラー」というメッセージが表示され、データの読み書きができなくなることがあります。 of backup task, then you will get the error. option selected, please do not worry. When you are doing the backup operation, you may shut down other threads that are accessing the directory of this destination.5) And then please retry the operation. If you detect the bad sectors on the disk, you can try to fix it with a disk tool or change a new disk. Generally, the error appears when you do the file sync or file restore. Solution: FAT32 partition does not support saving a single file larger than 4GB. For clone feature, you can also try to run a disk clone with Partition Assistant. However, the program failed to add boot configuration for reboot mode, so reboot failed. Generally, the error appears in the file sync process. in good condition when you fail to do the back up to external disks or Also, you can also try to run a disk clone with Partition Assistant. you choose a NAS, USB, or removable drive as the source location. Solution: Please reinstall the software and then retry to do the operation. Please use the “Intelligent Sector Backup” way to run backup and do not tick the "Sector by sector clone" option when cloning. Please check how to create a bootable media here. Also, you can try to find and then remove all AOMEI Backupper related events and tasks in Windows Task Scheduler: right-click "This PC"-->Manage-->System Tools-->Task Scheduler-->Task Scheduler Library. before reading the image file. software so that we can further analyze the problem and help you find If yes, Please select another location as the destination, or disable Bitlocker to back up. and attach the log folder under the installation directory of the After you remove tasks, please rerun the Backupper and retry the operation. You can run ABcore.exe (under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper) as administrator to check if it can run successfully. Solution: Please attach the log folder to AOMEI Support Team to further analyze the problem. manually. The error is shown during the checking image process, so you can separately check the image file through the steps here. If yes, we advise you to select “Copy without resizing partitions” option. 1) Please check if the connecting port for the end-user is used out. and attach the log folder under the installation directory of the task in Home tab, then click “Edit Backup” so you can change to another Please delete NAS.xml file under C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR, and then reconnect the NAS via typing into IP address.

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