It remains in the data dictionary, and you must drop it yourself using one of the following methods: An ALTER TABLESPACE ... DROP DATAFILE statement. Example 14-4 Relocating an Online Data File and Overwriting an Existing File. The database imposes a maximum limit on the number of data files for any Oracle Database opened by any instance. Setting your datafiles to extend automatically provides these advantages: Reduces the need for immediate intervention when a tablespace runs out of space, Ensures applications will not halt or be suspended because of failures to allocate extents. Consider the following guidelines when determining the number of data files for your database. Creates a new empty data file in place of an old one--useful to re-create a data file that was lost with no backup.

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You use the DROP DATAFILE and DROP TEMPFILE clauses of the ALTER TABLESPACE statement to drop a single data file or temp file. You can relocate offline data files in a single tablespace. To rename a tempfile, you take the tempfile offline, use operating system commands to rename or relocate the tempfile, and then use the ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE command to update the database controlfiles. Element C is mirrored over Elements E and F (both physical disks), and is mirrored to those physical disks by way of Subelements E0 and F1, respectively. This causes the DBWn process and the direct loader to calculate a checksum for each block and to store the checksum in the block header when writing the block to disk. They must be explicitly created for each tablespace.

If standby_file_management is set to AUTO, as soon as we add a datafile on primary database, same will be created automatically on standby database. The syntax is different from the ALTER TABLESPACE...ONLINE|OFFLINE statement that alters tablespace availability, because that is a different operation. You can also read about dropping and recreating TEMP files in my other article about how to move Oracle datafiles. For example, the following statement renames the data files/u02/oracle/rbdb1/sort01.dbf and /u02/oracle/rbdb1/user3.dbf to /u02/oracle/rbdb1/temp01.dbf and /u02/oracle/rbdb1/users03.dbf, respectively: Always provide complete file names (including their paths) to properly identify the old and new data files. This includes the device offset, the extent size, the file offset, the type (data or parity), and the name of the element where the extent resides. Use the SQL command CREATE DIRECTORY to create a directory object for the directory from which you want to copy the file. In this example, the strmadmin user runs the procedure. As a final example, knowing something about file layout on the source and destination databases enables you to minimize disk contention by performing or scheduling simultaneous transfers only if they use different I/O devices. For example, you can connect to database A and then transfer a file from database B to database C. In this example, database A is the third party because it is neither the source of nor the destination for the transferred file. When you drop a data file or temp file, references to the data file or temp file are removed from the data dictionary and control files, and the physical file is deleted from the file system or Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) disk group.

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