Because subscriptions are for 6 months, teachers can assign summer or winter vacation reading. With a subscription, students can read as many books as they want, whenever they want! 中学、高校向けの教科書や参考書、問題集を発行しているチャート式の数研出版。 Jet Reading 英語速読テスト Level 2の商品情報をご案内しています。 If a student using Xreading VL decides to read a physical book, he or she can still register that book so it appears in their reading history. Students can search for and read books using their pc or mobile device. Please send an e-mail to us at with the following information: 1. Using XReading VL doesn’t mean discarding your whole library of physical books. Thank you for coming to the instructor registration page of Xreading VL. where your institution is located "Suken Library" is an application that allows you to use various "learning contents" linked with the learning materials published by Suken Shuppan. Jet Reading英語速読テスト Level1 (日本語) 単行本 – 2016/2/1 その他 の形式およびエディションを表示する 他の形式およびエディションを非表示にする 価格 By not requiring students to pay per book, we believe this model encourages reading. 【学校の先生方へ】学習活動の重点化等に資する年間指導計画参考資料, 「Adobe Flash Player」のサポート終了に伴い、『改訂版 生物基礎 コンテンツ集』、『改訂版 新編 生物基礎 コンテンツ集』、『改訂版 生物 コンテンツ集』のデータを更新しました。, 「Adobe Flash Player」のサポート終了に伴い,『改訂版 生物基礎 教授資料』,『改訂版 新編 生物基礎 教授資料』,『改訂版 生物 教授資料』の2019年度以降ご購入分より付属のダウンロードデータを更新しました。, 合格への必須アイテム! 2021年版実戦重要問題集シリーズ(数学,物理,化学,生物)を発売!, 「数研出版 学校用本棚アプリ」「数研出版 デジタル本棚アプリ」 サービス終了につきまして. Sincerely,Paul Goldberg – Founder & President, If you would like more information about Xreading, please contact us at. Approximately how many students you expect to have use the system Xreading VL has a simple-to-use learner management system (LMS) that allows teachers to monitor and assess their students' reading. 令和2年7月豪雨災害により、被害を受けられたみなさまに心よりお見舞いを申し上げます。一日も早い復旧を心よりお祈りいたします。 How you heard about Xreading. 3. 『JET新公式問題』(全5種類)は、実際にJETで出題された過去問2回分の教材です。JET試験の直前対策に適しています。 他方、『Hello! In addition, teachers can restrict the library, guiding students to the most appropriate books. Approximately how many classes you expect to use the system with We are currently negotiating with more publishers, so that number will increase throughout the year. Xreading VL is an online, virtual library with hundreds of graded readers supported by an easy-to-use learner management system. 6. If you are interested in creating a new Xreading account for yourself or your institution, for security purposes, we ask that you contact us directly so we can create your account. Teachers can print these quizzes and have students take the quizzes in class, or they can allow students to take the quizzes online. 「数研出版 学校用本棚アプリ」「数研出版 デジタル本棚アプリ」 サービス終了につきまして 2020/10/13 ICT Studyaid D.B. Your given and family names2. You can call it reading-hodai! Xreading VL provides randomized multiple choice quizzes for every book in the library. There are also correlations with each publisher’s level and other universal level systems (CEF, EPER, Yomiyayusa, etc.) For more information, please contact us at Almost all of the books have audio, so students can listen while they read. The name of your institution Xreading is now available WORLDWIDE, however book availability may vary by country. As soon as we receive this information, we will create your free instructor account and send you a User ID (your e-mail address) and password. The system has been developed to make graded readers more accessible for students and extensive reading programs easier for teachers to manage and assess. The country and prefecture/state/province/emirate/etc. Their search is assisted by book ratings as well as recommendations based on their preferences. The system has been developed to make graded readers more accessible for students and extensive reading programs easier for teachers to manage and assess. 赤本チャンネルは大学入試シリーズ「赤本」を出版している教学社(きょうがくしゃ)の公式チャンネルです。 受験生に役立つ情報を、わかりやすい動画にして配信していきます。 Upcoming features will allow teachers to create goals, and have their students, or even their classes, compete with each other to increase motivation. 書籍 出版社:数研出版 発売日: 2015年9月 To help students select the right book, there is a preview function giving detailed information about each book, including the level, genre, length, summary and even images from the book. Improve Your English in Reading 入試長文読解シリーズ3<新訂版> 著者: CHART INSTITUTE 登録すると、関連商品の予約開始や発売の情報をお届け!! 【生徒・保護者のみなさまへ】学校休業期間における学習支援ICTサービスのお知らせ The name of your department or program for easy reference and comparison. Xreading VL offers a variety of features that make it ideal for any extensive reading program. 7. Because Xreading is a virtual library, students have unlimited access to all of the graded readers, anywhere, anytime. 「数研Library」は,数研出版発行の学習教材と連動した各種「学習コンテンツ」が利用できるアプリです。 「数研Library」単独でも学習可能ですが,書籍とあわせてご利用いただくことで,より高い学習効果が期待できます。 It is just like previewing a book in the library, except as an added bonus, students can see ratings and reviews from other students! However, discounts of up to 80% are available depending on the country, institution size, and length of the subscriptions. Translate the description back to Japanese (Japan), By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. In addition, the audio is available at 5 speeds, so they can select the speed most appropriate for their ability. Amazonで市川正巳, 正井泰夫の新地理 (チャート式シリーズ)。アマゾンならポイント還元本が多数。市川正巳, 正井泰夫作品ほか、お急ぎ便対象商品は当日お届けも可能。また新地理 (チャート式シリーズ)もアマゾン配送商品なら通常配送無料。 per student. In the Xreading Library there are currently over 1200 graded readers from twenty ELT publishers, Macmillan Language House, National Geographic-Cengage Learning, Cambridge University Press, Helbling Languages, ELI, Compass Publishing, e-future, and Atama-ii. Books are never checked out or unavailable. 中学受験入試問題集, 算数, 国語, 社会, 理科, 中学受験案内 の優れたセレクションからの 本 のオンラインショッピングなどを毎日低価格でお届けしています。 Cookies help us deliver our services. Jet Reading Level 3(数研出版) Cutting Edge 2020 Green(エミル出版) 英単語ターゲット 1900 (旺文社) 共通テスト10分リスニングプレノート(数研出版) 福田 浩子 乾 麗子 村井 裕美子 学期 指導内容 予定時数 16 16 6 一 学 期 臨時休業 4. 「数研Library」は,数研出版発行の学習教材と連動した各種「学習コンテンツ」が利用できるアプリです。. アップデート版データのダウンロードを開始しました。 2020/09/16 ICT While several publishers offer their books online, Xreading VL is the only platform that has books from multiple publishers, like a real library. Xreading VL is an online, virtual library with hundreds of graded readers supported by an easy-to-use learner management system. Note: Xreading is now available WORLDWIDE, however book availability may vary by country. Because each publisher uses a different level system which does not match, Xreading VL uses a universal level system based on the ER Foundation levels. JET』(全3種類)は、出題パート別の学習ドリル形式の教材です。また、巻末には1回分の模擬テストが付いています。 【学校の先生方へ】学校休業期間における学習支援ICTサービスのお知らせ Translate the description into English (United States) using Google Translate? The table shows the Xreading Levels and the number of books available at each level. A monthly subscription costs USD $6.00 or the approximate equivalent in local currency (JPY 600, KRW 7000, EUR 5.00, etc.) The LMS not only lets teachers know which books their students are reading, but also how many words they’ve read and their reading speed. 5. You can compare with other level systems. オンライン デスクトップアプリ版を更新しました。 2020/09/30 ICT Studyaid D.B. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. 「数研Library」は,数研出版発行の学習教材と連動した各種「学習コンテンツ」が利用できるアプリです。 「数研Library」単独でも学習可能ですが,書籍とあわせてご利用いただくことで,より高い学習効果が期待できます。 In addition, audio is now available for almost every book, so students can listen while they read. 中学、高校向けの教科書や参考書、問題集を発行しているチャート式の数研出版。 Jet Reading 英語速読テスト Level 1 – 解答編の商品情報をご案内しています。

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