Open period is 1 day in mid February. あばしりオホーツク流氷まつりは北見市の北東部に位置する網走市で行われる冬祭りイベント。1 1966年から始まりました。 2月中旬の3日間~4日間 だけ開催され、約5.5万人の観光客が訪れま … Marukoma Onsen (丸駒温泉) is a hot spring place surrounded by forests and the lake at the foot of Mt. Atmosphere of Iwamizawa Heavy Snow Festival Can Be Watched on Youtube, Shimin-hiroba Park, Iwamizawa Station, Iwamizawa City. A fire dance is shown by Kuon, a famous fire dance team, at 20 o'clock. 北海道のイベントランキング。じゃらんnet掲載中の北海道のイベントを、ジャンルや口コミランキングなどからご紹介。おすすめのモエレのホワイトクリスマス[開催期間:2020年12月19日~20日]やsapporo factory christmas 2020[開催期間:2020年11月3日~12月25日)]など。 A venue is Niikappu. Open period is 10 days in mid February. A venue is Monbetsu. By the way, Club Tourism (クラブツーリズム), a Japanese tour travel agency, provides various types of tours such as day trip tours or ordinary tours. Open period is from late January to mid February. A parking lot is free of charge. A venue is Kamikawa. Open period is from 4 to 6 days in early February. A venue is Shari. Jozankei Yukitoro (定山渓雪灯路) is a winter event held in Jozankei Onsen (定山渓温泉), Sapporo city, and has been held since 2011, and about 6,000 tourists come to see the event. Except the snow sculptures, a lot of food stalls line, and tourists can eat pheasant dishes, Iwamizawa local specialty dish, too. Open period is from December to early March. 10:00-19:00 * It changes depending on days. Open period is 1 day in early February. Especially, you had better wear a warm outfit carefully in the evening. A venue is Shintotsukawa. There are ice sculptures, an ice slide, Hyoto Shrine (氷濤神社), a resting place, a food stall, a public restroom at the site. Concerts and jumping performance of snowboarding are held, too, and the tourists get excited. The festival is held at the side of Kaiyo-Koryukan (海洋交流館) during 3-4 days in mid February, and about 60,000 tourists come. Open period is 1 day in early February. Read More, Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan (然別コタン) is a winter event in Shikaoi town located in the north part of Obihiro city, and has been held on Lake Shikaribetsu near the hot spring resort from late January to late March since 1980, and about 40,000 tourists come to enjoy winter cold. Except the large winter festivals, various winter events using snow or ice are held all over the Hokkaido. お問合わせ先. A venue is Takikawa. A venue is Rikubetsu. 冬が旬というイメージの強いカニですが、毛ガニは北海道近海で年中獲れますし、タラバガニ、ズワイガニは流氷が去った4~5月が一番美味しいという人も。各地に漁場がある北海道では、季節ごとに旬のカニを食べることができます。 In the Hokkaido, the sled dog racings used to be held in various places, and has taken a hold in International Sled Dog Racing Cup in Wakkanai, Domestic Sled Dog Racing in Asahikawa and the Eniwa. Open period is 6 days in early February. A venue is Bibai. A parking lot is free of charge. Except famous snow or ice festivals, other illumination events, winter events using ice candles, the winter events that coldness can be enjoyed and sled dog racings are held in various places of the Hokkaido. Learn how your comment data is processed. 写真提供:洞爺湖町 冬の洞爺湖を訪れたのなら絶対に見逃せないスポットが、イルミネーショントンネルとイルミネーションストリート。 毎年11月から3月頃まで開催されるイルミネーションイベントで、冬の冷たい空気の中でライトがきらめいてとてもきれいなんですよ。 写真提供:洞爺湖町 イルミネーショントンネルは外側から見てもキラキラしていてきれいなのですが、中に入ってみると感動的な美しさです。 たくさんのラ … My visited other winter events are Jozankei Yukitoro (定山渓雪灯路), Eniwa Sled Dog Racing (恵庭犬ぞり大会), German Christmas Market (ミュンヘンクリスマス市), Sapporo White Illumination (ホワイトイルミネーション) and Otaru Snow Light Path (小樽雪あかりの路). I refer Japanese travel agency to readers.If you think about a travel to Hokkaido, I hope the following is useful for you.

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